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You already know a San Jose battery backup UPS has the potential to keep your business running no matter the weather conditions. When power from the utility is interrupted for any reason, the San Jose battery backup UPS kicks on immediately and takes over with its stored battery power. That power can last hours or days.

This is the use case most San Jose companies are interested in when they consider purchasing a battery backup system. And it certainly offers measurable dollar-for-dollar value. A UPS can make the difference between closing your business and keeping it open, so you won’t lose thousands of dollars in commercial opportunities.

However, that’s really only one part of the story.

If you’re in an industry that relies on sophisticated computer equipment, there’s another reason to invest in a battery backup UPS in San Jose. It has the power to extend the life of your high-value devices and ensure they perform as expected, a benefit you receive even if the power doesn’t go out a single time.

Your San Jose Battery Backup UPS Is Always Working in the Background

When it comes to a commercial UPS battery backup system, many people have the impression that it’s either on or off. But the truth is your UPS battery backup system is always working. And one of the things a bigger, more sophisticated implementation can do is protect your equipment from “dirty power.”

“Dirty” electricity is characterized by sharp changes in voltage. On a graph, this makes the flow of power look jagged and erratic instead of the smooth sine wave it should be. Luckily, a commercial UPS system captures power at the point of presence and converts it, “shaving off” the jagged edges.

Dirty power doesn’t have a pronounced effect on simpler devices such as most household appliances. But if you are working with servers, solid state hard drives, cryptographic technology, or artificial intelligence, a moment of dirty power has the ability to wipe your data and take your hardware offline.

With so many San Jose enterprises taking the leap into high technology, it only makes sense to invest in a UPS battery backup power supply now. If the loss of even one device could have unforeseen consequences, a UPS battery backup system in San Jose is the solution that protects your strategic interests.

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