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When considering a UPS power supply, San Jose businesses should take things one step at a time.

It won’t help if you end up with a UPS system that doesn’t meet your needs. For example, a UPS that’s too small won’t deliver the level of service you want if there’s a prolonged outage. UPS systems vary in the battery technology they use, too, so some models may involve more maintenance than others.

With years of experience installing and maintaining the UPS power supply San Jose enterprises can trust, our team has helped hundreds of businesses throughout the Bay Area. We understand how to simplify a complex process and make it easy for you – without disrupting your business in the slightest.

Here are the four big steps to a UPS system that really works:

1. Evaluation Phase

Before you start comparing systems, decide what your goals are. Which building systems do you want to keep running – HVAC, lighting, critical equipment? How long do you need them to run for? Even a small commercial UPS is larger and more complex than those available to consumers, but their output varies. The largest systems can be coupled with a backup generator to potentially provide days of power.

2. Size and Battery Technology

Once you understand your objectives, the next step is to determine how much power your system will need to put out when it is at full use. Commercial UPS equipment often uses strings of smaller batteries, all of which work together. The total size of the system may also influence where you can place it, how it should be accessed, and the easiest and safest ways to approach maintenance.

3. Professional UPS Installation in San Jose

After the preliminaries are taken care of, a professional San Jose UPS installer can get your new system up and running in as little as a single day. Power may need to be turned off briefly when the UPS is first installed. At Nite & Day Power, we can work around your schedule for zero disruption.

4. UPS Maintenance in San Jose

UPS maintenance in San Jose is crucial to ensure your system will work as expected when you need it. With a Bay Area UPS maintenance contract, you never need to worry. Even if your system goes unused for months, it’ll be ready to perform anytime.

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