UPS Maintenance

As a factory-trained and qualified service provider, we provide dedicated UPS service and UPS maintenance for all brands of UPS equipment.  Our technicians support the entire bay area for service and delivery of UPS Equipment products, 24/7/365.  From UPS installation to emergency repair, Nite & Day Power is committed to maintaining your critical power with innovative, cost-effective solutions.

We offer:

  • Well-equipped field technicians with laptops containing comprehensive technical documentation of UPS and Generator Equipment
  • Continuous factory training programs
  • Guaranteed response times to meet your up-time needs
  • Localized Parts stocking and on-site component-parts stocking
  • Preventative maintenance visits performed 24/7
  • Well-documented scopes of work and procedures
  • Emergency troubleshooting support, 24/7/365
  • Flexible, customer-driven invoicing terms and conditions

Typical UPS Maintenance Schedule

We will include regular testing of your UPS Equipment including the following elements:

  • Visual inspection of UPS equipment for loose connections, burned insulation or any other signs of wear and imminent failure.
  • Inspect and Clean or replace air filters
  • Visually check for leakage and contamination from both battery and capacitor banks.
  • General Cleaning and vacuuming of the UPS equipment and their enclosures.
  • Check environmental equipment (heating / cooling / humidity) servicing your equipment
  • Conduct thermal scans of all electrical connections ensuring all are tight and not generating heat, which is often the only indication of a problem. A non-invasive diagnostic is used by technicians to identify hot spots invisible to the human eye. Technicians will clean and retorque connections where issues are found.
  • Provide a complete operational test per the manufacturer's specifications to test the functionality of the system.
  • Perform a monitored battery-rundown test to determine if any battery strings or cells are near the end of their useful lives.
  • Test UPS transfer switches, circuit breakers, and maintenance bypass.

Why You Need Professional UPS Maintenance in the Bay Area

No matter where or when you got your UPS power system, you need professional UPS maintenance.

When it comes to UPS maintenance Bay Area businesses have several options. Unfortunately, all too many companies leave their UPS maintenance to their existing facilities team. Under the influence of poor UPS maintenance Bay Area companies can put their equipment and their people at risk.

Let’s take a closer look at why it’s essential to get professional Bay Area UPS maintenance:

System Components May Age Out When a UPS Goes Unused for Many Months

Let’s face it: It’s a good thing when you’re not using your UPS all the time.

When the UPS kicks on, that usually means an emergency. Here in the Bay Area, hundreds of local businesses have been left in the dark by wildfires. When fire isn’t the culprit, it’s often the case that PG&E has cut the power intentionally without letting homeowners or businesses prepare in advance.

In all these situations and more, your UPS battery backup is there to help.

When the time comes, you want your UPS backup power to take over from the utility and kick on instantly. But in many systems, individual battery units – of which there may be dozens or hundreds – can quietly age out over time. In some systems, one unit failure can cause a full string of batteries to fail.

Regular UPS maintenance is the best way to ensure that every part of the system is working as intended and will be ready to help you maintain your operations. The bigger your UPS system and the more business critical equipment you have, the more important it is to follow a rigorous schedule that extends your UPS system life.

Only Experienced Technicians Are Fully Prepared for Bay Area UPS Maintenance

Under normal conditions, a UPS backup system is completely safe to operate and work around. When it’s time for maintenance, however, strict safety protocols need to be followed. Some battery types can be hazardous if mishandled. Testing the system to ensure all batteries are within normal operating perimeters is essential.

It’s important not to assume that you can learn how to maintain a system from the manufacturer’s guide.

All UPS brands and system configurations have different needs. To perform even the most basic maintenance, the technician must have the right tools and replacement parts. Maintenance should be planned when the system is least likely to be needed and completed as quickly as possible, so adequate preparation is key.

Underqualified personnel can easily come to harm or cause damage to the system that hinders performance.

If internal batteries or other important mechanisms are damaged by a botched attempt at maintenance, you will end up needing to call in the experts to solve the problem. As with so many other areas in life, maintenance is much less expensive than repair or replacement. Cutting corners on UPS maintenance can cost you.

For the Best UPS Maintenance Bay Area Businesses Look to Nite & Day Power

The right UPS backup system at the right time can save you thousands of dollars.

Even a smaller Bay Area UPS system can allow you to carefully power down your key equipment so data is safely preserved. A larger one can keep you running, potentially until power from the utility is restored. With the lights on, you don’t need to worry about safety hazards or lost business opportunities.

When they need UPS maintenance Bay Area businesses look to the best. Contact Nite & Day Power to maximize the value of your UPS.

Contact us today to discuss your power system requirements in detail.

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