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San Jose Backup Power

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Summer is almost here, and San Jose stands to find itself in the middle of rolling blackouts.

Back in 2020, no less a figure than San Jose’s Mayor Sam Liccardo blasted PG&E for extended blackouts that affected the area. After a weekend that saw much of the city plunged into darkness, the mayor stated that “the poor state of repair and replacement” of PG&E’s electrical infrastructure was the direct cause.

With PG&E taking refuge under its bankruptcy protection, you can bet that not much has changed. We should do our best to learn from the lessons of the summer of 2020 and be prepared.

Due to COVID-19, any upgrades to electrical delivery systems that were planned have fallen by the wayside. Not surprisingly, such activities will now have to wait even longer – Northern California’s electrical grid simply doesn’t have the spare capacity to go under prolonged maintenance at the height of summer.

What does it all mean for San Jose area business owners?

That comes down to one simple question:

Are you prepared for this year’s rolling blackouts?

Battery Backup Power for Offices with Medical Equipment

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Across the Bay Area, many doctor’s offices, clinics, dentists, and others are still observing capacity limits. Combined with the challenge of keeping the office fully staffed, it is crucial every minute of scheduled time be put to good use. In a situation like this, battery backup power is essential to smooth and effective patient care.

Even though there’s optimism on the horizon, many members of the public are still putting off regular doctor visits and elective procedures. To keep them coming, you need to create a welcoming atmosphere where everything gets done efficiently. Battery backup power is an essential part of that, especially here in California.

Battery Backup Power Keeps Medical Equipment Operating as Expected

It is no news that medical equipment is among the most precise and sensitive electronic equipment out there. If a device is not set up correctly, it could return false negatives or false positives. Relatively few people know, however, that this level of accuracy comes with other trade-offs.

Medical equipment is extremely vulnerable to fluctuations in the power supply.

Does Your Dental Office Have an Uninterruptible Power Supply?

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Here in California, dentistry is competitive. There may be dozens of other dentists in your market. Plus, even in the most populous state, you know millions of people put off their time in the dentist’s chair. In fact, 42% of Americans don’t see a dentist as often as they would like.

And that doesn’t count the many others who have dental anxiety – more than 60% of those surveyed.

With all that in mind, California dentists have a tough job ahead to create a welcoming atmosphere. Nothing contributes more to that pleasant feeling than knowing you are safe, of course. And few other business investments contribute more to safety than an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

A UPS Power Supply is Essential to Withstand Power Outages and Keep Procedures on Track

For the average Californian, nothing could be worse than the thought of the lights going out in the middle of a procedure. In the case of dental procedures that require general anesthesia, it could even be dangerous.

A UPS power supply prevents all of that from happening, keeping your patients happy and safe.

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