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Ambulatory Surgical Centers and Emergency Power

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With their emphasis on same-day treatment, ambulatory surgical centers are changing the face of modern healthcare. Through alternatives to hospital-based care, more people are getting the attention they need.

Ambulatory surgical centers across California are doing great work. They ensure patients have access to a full suite of diagnostic and preventative procedures. At a time when the healthcare system is stretched thin, the ASC is crucial in preventing long delays that could create poorer health outcomes.

But, while so many ASCs are growing fast and seeing more people, it’s vital to ensure that the infrastructure you rely on is sound. Medical equipment often draws significant amounts of electricity. Every new piece of equipment represents an additional electrical load on your facility’s wiring.

Emergency backup power for surgical centers is the key to ensuring flawless, uninterrupted service.

Backup Power Solutions for California Nursing Homes

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Backup power is becoming much more important here in California.

With so many businesses still shut down, those that are operating often face increased electrical demands that put additional strain on the wiring of older buildings. Backup power is the easiest solution to this challenge.

Nursing homes in particular have been hit hard by changing circumstances.

These facilities can’t simply shut down. Because healthcare workers and their residents are at major risk during COVID-19, it is more vital than ever that every aspect of the care environment operate exactly as expected.

Reduce the Danger to Nursing Home Residents Using Backup Power

It is well known that nursing home residents are among the most vulnerable populations for COVID-19.

More than 12,000 deaths in California’s COVID-19 toll are attributed to elders in skilled nursing facilities. To put this in perspective, that represents nearly 30% of the Golden State’s COVID-19 fatalities during the pandemic.

Elders rely on nursing homes to provide the safest environment possible. Their families are more concerned than ever about their well-being, but often have few options other than trust their loved one’s care providers.

Battery Backup Power for Your Business

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In northern California, businesses don’t generally need to worry about snow – in fact, there’s been only two official reports of snow accumulating in downtown San Francisco over the last 100 years!

But that doesn’t mean winter weather is always mild. In fact, this is a season that can bring a high level of precipitation to the Bay Area and surrounding communities, dumping inches of rainfall.

As California swings between drought, wildfire, and rain, the terrain is much more susceptible to being disrupted. Mudslides, floods, and more can all strike. This may not be a problem in your neighborhood, but much of the electrical infrastructure your business relies on is “out there” in undeveloped areas.

We all know the feeling of driving from the North Bay down to Los Angeles or San Diego and reaching places in between where there’s nowhere to stop. A blow to electrical transformers and power lines that may be hundreds of miles from your business can knock your lights out for hours.

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