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Uninterruptible Power Supply is Critical for Protecting Your Data Center

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As far as physical resources go, your data center may be the most important in your business.

Even as the cloud has driven down the cost of IT services, the data center has not diminished in importance – quite the opposite. No matter what software or resources you plan to deliver, it all happens within your data center.

A brief downtime can have a significant impact on your business. Prolonged downtimes of more than an hour may cost you thousands or even millions of dollars. Yet, it would be impossible to fully harden your data center against everything that could happen to it.

IT experts are called on to make balanced decisions with far-reaching consequences.

It’s important to zoom in on the number one risk.

And what is that? Power loss.

In an Unpredictable World, Manage Your Energy Supply Proactively to Protect Your Data Center

Even a small data center stands out as a huge user of energy. Not only does it need to furnish power to all your equipment, but an enormous amount of cooling technology. A cascade failure can take place if even one device has problems with its heat sinks or fans.

Bay Area power stands out as both expensive and increasingly unreliable, making the situation even more precarious. But your data center doesn’t need to be at the mercy of PG&E. No matter what the weather, season, or situation with your utility, you have options.

Uninterruptible Power Supply to Improve Data Center Risk Management

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A company data center is the very definition of “mission-critical.”

Not only does it facilitate the delivery of crucial services, but it also ensures the safety of sensitive internal information. Any kind of disruption to data center operations can cost thousands or even millions of dollars an hour. As a result, the responses are often measured in minutes.

All in all, the best solution is to never have the problem in the first place!

As a leader in your enterprise’s own data center, you know that risk management comes with trade-offs. The C-suite would never approve the kind of budget you would need to eliminate every risk, no matter how pressing. But there is one big point of fault you can take care of with only a modest investment.

That problem – among the biggest you could have – is power loss in your data center.

Power Loss Is the Largest Potential Business Disruptor for Corporate Data Centers

Let’s face it: Bay Area power has never been less reliable than it is today.

4 Reasons Nursing Homes Need Battery Backup Power

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Nursing homes have been at the center of challenge and controversy during the pandemic. Residents are vulnerable to viral infection, and staff members must work hard to reduce the risk. Even with the best of intentions and modern practices, there’s still danger lurking in these environments.

In the Bay Area and throughout California, the hazards can be compounded by factors outside of your control. Blistering heat and intense rain have both become more common. Severe weather conditions far from your facility can cause power supply disruptions that directly affect you.

A battery backup power supply is the most effective way to protect the people that depend on you.

With a Battery Backup Power Supply, Your Business Manages Operational Risks Better than Ever

You can’t control the weather, but a battery backup power supply can help you adapt to it.

With a battery backup power supply, your lights, computer equipment, and other implements are fully supported with battery power the instant that electricity from the utility is interrupted -- for any reason. This allows you to go on with normal operations or ramp down certain services safely. 

What are the four situations that nursing homes need/use battery backup power supply? 

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