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Why Commercial Buildings Need Backup Power to Beat Summer Heat Waves

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Last September, a massive heatwave shattered records in California. Los Angeles County saw its highest temperature ever recorded, an astonishing 121°F. Research shows the state is in a trend of longer, more intense heat waves – and the Bay Area is not immune.

While San Francisco is spared from the worst wildfire threats, it’s still subject to sweltering summer heat. All across the Bay Area, from large cities to small towns, electrical grids are straining under the new demands placed on them by these unprecedented conditions. All signs point to more of this in the future.

Luckily, Bay Area businesses aren’t helpless. They can use backup power to protect their investments.

What are the 2 Main Reasons That Commercial Buildings Need Backup Power to Beat Summer Heat Waves?

What are 4 Reasons Why an Uninterruptible Power Supply is so Important for Bay Area Businesses?

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Temperatures are warming up. Is your Bay Area business prepared for emergency weather?

A weather disaster is more likely today than it was ten -- or even five -- years ago. California’s rainy season is shrinking and its wildfire season is growing. Even communities shielded by mountains or by the Bay itself can be affected as wind and fire events elsewhere lead to power outages.

"Public Safety Power Shutoffs” are now an intentional part of PG&E’s operations.

The problem: These shutoffs often occur without warning and they can last for hours.

We all hope that this year will bring milder weather to the Bay Area – but hoping isn’t enough for Bay Area businesses. Back in 2019, power outages cost the California economy more than $2 billion. As vaccinations increase, more activity may mean more stress on the power grid, setting up a perfect storm.

The time for business leaders to get set with an uninterruptible power supply is now.

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is essential for Bay Area businesses.

You can’t predict when a power outage will strike, but an uninterruptible power supply helps you prepare.

What are the 5 Keys to UPS Maintenance?

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More Bay Area businesses are investing in UPS systems to protect their operational continuity. A UPS provides emergency battery backup power in the event you lose power from your utility. This can give you the time to safely shut down any sensitive systems or continue your work until power is restored.

When it comes to UPS maintenance Bay Area businesses should be proactive. Like all building systems, your UPS needs ongoing attention after it is installed. With the right UPS maintenance Bay Area businesses can achieve many years of reliable service from their battery backup power system.

UPS maintenance may seem complicated at first. In fact, there are different tasks that need to be carried out on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. For professional UPS maintenance Bay Area businesses often partner with a company that specializes in UPS systems and power monitoring.

That said, there are five keys to ensuring that UPS maintenance always delivers the value you expect.

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