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Power Analysis

Many business owners have never considered the importance of a power analysis. But performing one at the right time can save you thousands of dollars compared to the damage that may be caused by a wiring failure. And more Bay Area businesses need a power analysis to protect their investment now more than ever.

Does your Bay Area Business Need a Power Analysis?

If any of the following describes your business, consider booking a power analysis right away:

1. Moved into Existing Commercial Construction

Unless you have detailed, recent information on the maintenance that has been performed on your power system, you should not assume there has been any. Commercial property can be very difficult and costly to evaluate, and there is often not enough time to do all that needs to be done before you move in.

If a commercial structure is more than five years old – and especially if it is more than ten years old – the best way to protect your equipment and business opportunities is with a power analysis. This will provide you with the essential information you may need to present to your commercial landlord to resolve potential issues.

2. Increasing Your Investment in Key Equipment

Every piece of equipment you invest in represents a greater draw on your electrical system. Power analysis is key to making sure your wiring is prepared to flex with your needs. It is especially important because electricity usage in the high heat of the summer can be substantially more than what is used in fall or winter.

Key equipment can be damaged by power fluctuations that are not always obvious. Even if the lights are not affected, you may still have unclean power reaching you from the utility. A power analysis will clarify the quality your electrical system delivers and may help you make an informed choice about UPS power systems.

3. Greater Need for Sensitive or Always-On Equipment

The more always-on systems you are powering, the more important it is to take extra steps to make sure you have a safe and modern power system. Mission-critical equipment should always be backed up by a trusted UPS power system. At the same time, the wiring as a whole should receive regular maintenance.

Today’s most sophisticated electronics are also among the most fragile. Servers are especially sensitive to both the external environment and the quality of electrical power. Don’t wait until it’s too late and end up losing business critical data that you can’t easily get back. Defend yourself with a power analysis.

4. Using Human Safety or Medical Equipment

In these days of enhanced scrutiny over everything to do with healthcare, any business related to healthcare or medicine should get a power analysis. A power analysis will give you a clear indication of how you can best serve the public and help you foresee avoidable issues caused by stress on your power system.

From dentists to chiropractors to full service clinics, Bay Area medical businesses are getting a fresh start with a power analysis so they can make the right strategic decisions about building management. There has never been a better time to be proactive about your power needs.

Schedule Your Power Analysis from Trusted Bay Area Experts Today

Even if your building has consistently met all of your power needs flawlessly, there’s no telling what next year’s wildfire season will bring. Power analysis from the Bay Area’s proven experts will safeguard your power system against even the most intense fault conditions. Our goal is nothing less than complete protection from power failures. Contact us to get started today.

At Nite and Day Power, we offer analyses on the quality of your power.

Our analysis includes:

  • Proper Grounding of all emergency power equipment (i.e., building and neutral grounds))
  • Review of the electrical wiring and phasing of the input power
  • Proper wire gauge review on all critical equipment.

Understanding the characteristics of these critical parameters provides peace of mind that mission-critical power equipment will function as expected when it is most needed.  We support customers throughout the Bay Area and Northern California (1-800-540-POWER).

We utilize industry-advanced calculation tools to determine the minimum/typical/maximum loads your power system will experience to best determine the size and load capability of your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and generator systems.  We must take into consideration the source voltage, load conditions, spikes and surges, length of cable runs, cooling systems, and more.

A well-executed Power Analysis ensures that your power system will withstand all types of fault conditions, providing you with complete protection from any power failure.

power analysis

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