Is Your California Business in Need of a Power Analysis? Part 2

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In a previous post, we discussed the growing prevalence of blackouts in California. Not only are blackouts being caused by aging equipment and wild weather, but utilities now feel emboldened to cut power to businesses and homes at any time with impunity.

Power analysis experts note that millions of people have been affected by planned shutoffs. These shutoffs are often intended to reduce wildfire risk during periods of combined heat and high wind. Unfortunately, they have been marked by carelessness:

  • The public often hears about Public Safety Power Shutoffs only 24 hours in advance or less

  • Utilities fail to communicate clearly about who will be affected by shutoffs and for how long

  • Businesses catering to at-risk individuals, such as hospitals, are disproportionately impacted

Planned utility shutdowns are a symptom of aging, unreliable equipment – but they can also compound that very same problem. Every time the power is cut or restored to your California business, it can damage your building systems – causing circuit breakers, wiring, and other elements to overload.

A Power Analysis Protects Your California Business from the Knock-on Effects of Blackouts

A Stanford professor uncovered that a single blackout on October 7, 2019, cost small commercial and industrial concerns up to $2.5 billion in lost revenue and business opportunities. Now imagine if, after 48 hours of sustained blackout, the lights came on in your neighborhood and … your business was still in the dark.

If you’re in an older commercial building or a newer structure with extensive power needs, it could happen.

A power analysis helps you minimize the disruption to your operations. It includes a complete inspection and test of all your building’s power systems. This not only helps you discover how to improve your efficiency but pinpoints wiring problems that could lead to a fire or large-scale blowout on your premises.

In a world where utilities are no longer reliable, a power analysis is a crucial first step in determining how you can meet your electrical needs through a battery-based uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

The right UPS system can keep your business running long enough to ensure the safety of your team, the public, and your data. A smaller system enables safe shutdown without data loss, while a larger one can keep mission-critical systems running when you need them most. It all starts with a power analysis.

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