Ambulatory Surgical Centers and Emergency Power

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With their emphasis on same-day treatment, ambulatory surgical centers are changing the face of modern healthcare. Through alternatives to hospital-based care, more people are getting the attention they need.

Ambulatory surgical centers across California are doing great work. They ensure patients have access to a full suite of diagnostic and preventative procedures. At a time when the healthcare system is stretched thin, the ASC is crucial in preventing long delays that could create poorer health outcomes.

But, while so many ASCs are growing fast and seeing more people, it’s vital to ensure that the infrastructure you rely on is sound. Medical equipment often draws significant amounts of electricity. Every new piece of equipment represents an additional electrical load on your facility’s wiring.

Emergency backup power for surgical centers is the key to ensuring flawless, uninterrupted service.

Backup Power for Surgical Centers Prevents Delays and Maintains Quality of Care

If you asked patients about their worst nightmare, the lights going off in the middle of surgery would no doubt be high on the list. Just as with larger hospitals, backup power for surgical centers prevents this awful situation.

Without emergency backup power for your critical systems, a single outage lasting only a few minutes could have repercussions that reverberate for weeks and months:

  • Surgeon and patient schedules could be affected, causing substantial wait times to reschedule

  • Procedures in progress may need to be stopped or alternatives to standard care practices used

  • You may find yourself facing legal liability from patients and certification review of your facility

  • Patients may seek help elsewhere or may feel that it is too risky to proceed with medical care

All this can be avoided with the right backup power for surgical centers. Ambulatory surgical centers should have robust backup systems with substantial load capacity and redundancy, just like major healthcare campuses.

Even if you already have a UPS power supply solution in place, now is the time to upgrade.

Intentional “public safety” power outages are becoming more common. In past years, these outages affected healthcare facilities with little or no warning. Management changes among utilities do not ensure that this won’t happen again: In fact, with wildfire season worsening each year, severe outages grow more likely.

At Nite & Day Power our experts have installed backup power for surgical centers throughout Northern California. Our team will develop a system you can rely on. To learn more, contact us.


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