Battery Backup Power Supply for Medical Equipment

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When a piece of medical equipment is introduced to the care environment, it creates opportunities – but also challenges. Hospitals, clinics, and surgery centers seek state-of-the-art devices but often rely on aging electrical infrastructure to supply growing needs.

Medical equipment is sensitive to not only the quantity but the quality of electricity from your utility. Clean, conditioned power enables these devices to deliver life-saving performance. Service must also be uninterrupted in case of a power outage.

A battery backup power supply is increasingly vital for protecting your patients.

Three Areas Driving Battery Backup Power Supply Growth in Medical Care

During a power outage, a battery backup power supply provides continuity by switching affected equipment to stored power. While many businesses need only enough power to safely shut equipment down, healthcare settings must strive for full functionality.

Battery backup power supply systems work in tandem with backup generators and other building systems so care proceeds with the fewest changes. In the average hospital, even the ambient temperature must be sustained at low levels, making air conditioning a major energy consumer.

As medical device technology progresses, size and sophistication often seem to rise in equal measure. Energy efficiency is not a core concern, so next-generation equipment is often more demanding. That equipment, in turn, puts out more heat, raising HVAC energy use and taxing your electrical system.

In particular, three areas of increased need are driving administrators to reassess their power situation:

1. Diagnostic Imaging Devices

Diagnostic imaging systems such as ultrasound, MRI, CT, and X-ray are being used for an increasing number of tasks. Routine checkups, pain management, and vascular wellness checks are informed by accurate imaging. What’s more, these systems are often central to revenue-driving activities.

2. Medical Gas Delivery Systems

Medical gas systems are engineered with extremely tight tolerances to ensure the flow rate is exactly what’s needed: No more, no less. A battery backup power supply protects the system from brief, but extremely consequential delays or communication failures brought on by “dirty” power from the utility supply.

3. Medical Laboratory Equipment

These days, all eyes are on the operations of medical labs. Automated lab systems must often process samples for many hours at a time. Battery backup power supply is the key to preventing interruptions that could invalidate data or lead to the loss of fragile specimens.

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