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San Jose UPS power can truly save your business from disaster.

California is facing unprecedented weather conditions, and there’s no way of knowing where the trend will lead in coming years. Just this summer, Southern California faced a hurricane for the first time in living memory. The Bay Area has been pretty fortunate in 2023, but past wildfire seasons show that anything can happen.

With a San Jose UPS power supply, you have a lifeline in the event of the worst.

A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) switches you to battery power instantly in the event electric from your utility is interrupted for any reason. In addition to saving you from power loss, it can also protect your sensitive equipment from damage through incorrect voltages caused by spikes and sags.

San Jose UPS Power Can Save the Day for Businesses Like Yours

Many Bay Area business owners are under the mistaken impression that large UPS systems coupled with on-site generators are only used by hospitals. Any business can benefit from UPS power in San Jose! Let’s look at a few examples of situations where your UPS power supply protects your investment, based on real feedback:

1. UPS Saves a Restaurant Kitchen

Restaurants carry anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 in inventory in refrigerators that require constant power. Recently, a local restaurant maintained its inventory by using UPS to keep the power flowing after a late night traffic accident took out power to the block. Diners – and local food critics – were never aware of an issue.

2. UPS Keeps Dental Patients Calm

It’s hard enough to get people to visit the dentist in the first place – imagine what would happen if the lights went out in the middle of a cleaning? That was the risk faced by one local dentist, but a San Jose UPS system tailored to keep their key equipment running meant no disruption for patients who were in the chair.

3. UPS Keeps Customers on Schedule

A development firm had scheduled a full day of 30-minute consultations that could each lead to $1 million or more in business. On the big morning, a wiring issue cut power to the building – but employees were able to make their big presentations on time due to Bay Area UPS power.

Nite & Day Power will help you select, source, and install the right UPS system for you. Contact us today.

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