4 Reasons to be Proactive When it Comes to San Jose Backup Power

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Companies just like yours are implementing backup power in San Jose.

You don’t need to have a hospital, clinic, or other critical health facility to benefit from commercial backup power. Businesses large and small can find a battery backup system, also known as a UPS or uninterruptible power supply, that will meet their needs and keep their business humming in the event of a power outage.

Many commercial UPS power systems are also designed to protect your sensitive equipment from voltage sags and surges. This kind of “dirty power” can happen any time. You often have no way of knowing when it occurs until you lose data or find your important computer equipment in need of early and costly replacement.

What are the 4 reasons San Jose businesses are being proactive when it comes to backup power?

1. Harsh Weather

Weather events that may be hours from your business have the potential to disrupt power and leave you in the dark. Depending on the current drought status, power lines and transformer stations are vulnerable to storms, floods, and much more. With UPS power, you can safely shut down your work or keep going for the duration.

2. Wildfires

Wildfires are another major threat to power transmission. Not only can they damage equipment directly, but they may lead to “public safety” power shut-offs with little warning. While these tend to last only a few hours, it’s not uncommon for them to happen in the middle of the workday. It’s UPS power to the rescue.

3. Aging Infrastructure

The sheer size and the shape of California makes it difficult to upgrade power infrastructure in some areas. Even in the sophisticated Bay Area, your power supply is only as stable and secure as the weakest link in a chain that could span hundreds of miles. With commercial UPS power, you won’t even notice minor issues.

4. Human Error and Crime

Violent, politically motivated attacks on power stations are in the news. Authorities know it’s difficult to defend these facilities and they aren’t hardened against vandalism. Thanks to backup power San Jose firms don’t need to leave their future to chance.

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