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After months of relentless atmospheric rivers, California is in a situation few could’ve imagined.

Snowpack has reached record levels in many areas and critical reservoirs are nearly full.

In modern times, California has been fighting drought conditions since 2012. Almost no one expected a reversal – and it could have enormous positive impacts. For example, many experts are already saying a subsequent wildfire season could be easier to deal with.

But there’s a note of caution even in this good news.

We’ve all seen footage of mudslides, with cliff-side homes dangling precariously within a few feet from disaster. And all of this rain has also brought with it flooding, creating transient blackouts in many Bay Area communities. The time to consider a San Jose UPS for your business has arrived.

Whether It’s Fire or Flood, a San Jose UPS Protects Your Investment

Whenever a major weather event rears its head in the Bay Area, business owners like you have to make important decisions about whether to maintain normal services or shut the doors. If the lights aren’t on and the HVAC system isn’t working, there’s often no choice but to close up shop.

If you provide crucial services to the community, you have an alternative.

A San Jose UPS can keep your business running no matter what kind of disruption comes to the power grid. As soon as there’s any interruption in power from your utility, your UPS system switches to battery power.

Depending on the size of your uninterruptible power supply, you can keep critical systems running or even maintain all of your major building systems. A smaller system is enough to safely shut down your operations and protect your data, while a larger one enables you to continue welcoming the public.

That makes a significant difference – perhaps even enough to keep you in business.

Nite & Day Power Is Here to Help with All Your San Jose UPS Needs

We’re living in a time when San Jose weather is completely unpredictable. As much as businesses have worked to prepare for wildfire season, for instance, nobody was ready for 29 atmospheric rivers since October 2022. In fact, most people say they’d never even heard the term “atmospheric river.”

No matter what the future brings, you can face it better and more safely with a trustworthy San Jose UPS. Contact the experts at Nite & Day Power to learn more, or begin.

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