UPS Backup Battery Power for San Jose Commercial Buildings

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Summer is nearly over, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up on battery backup power.

With a UPS backup battery, San Jose commercial buildings can achieve more than ever before no matter what the weather has in store. Summer brings the biggest demands to your electrical system, but your UPS backup battery comes in handy any time of the year – once it is in place, you are fully protected.

How a UPS Backup Battery Protects Your Bottom Line

No matter what kind of commercial building you have, a UPS backup battery is a smart investment:

1. You Are Protected Against Weather-Related Power Disruptions

From earthquakes to floods to wildfires, the Bay Area is familiar with many things that could cause your power to cut out. These can lead to thousands of dollars in lost business and brand damage. If you serve the public, investing in a UPS backup battery means you will always be there for them.

2. You Won’t Need to Worry About Bad Behavior from Utilities

Utilities in the Bay Area and elsewhere are dealing with new weather realities. Naturally, they’re having varying degrees of success. In the past, PG&E has not communicated well or in advance when they plan to cut power to millions for “safety.” No matter what they do, your business can bounce back stronger.

3. Your Sensitive Equipment Will Last Longer

If your company uses computers, you’re best off when you have a UPS backup battery. An advanced commercial UPS has more features than keeping your power on. It also uses “line conditioning” technology to protect your hardware from dirty power – spikes and surges you may not notice, but that damage electronics in seconds.

4. Your Valuable Business Data Is Much Safer

Even if you don’t buy a UPS battery backup system that can run your entire commercial building for hours, you can still benefit. You’ll have enough time to safely turn off your equipment and won’t lose business data as a result. That may make a tremendous difference, especially in an emergency.,

5. Your Customers Will Approve

Customers might not know whether you have a UPS system, but they WILL know if weather events or other issues outside your control cause you to shut your doors. A UPS makes you more reliable and protects your customer experience, including your HVAC and lighting.

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