UPS Battery Backup System

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California’s weather is at it again – and it’s time for businesses to prepare.

If you own your commercial property, you know how challenging it can be to make that jump from renting to owning. Now, one of your most important goals is to protect and grow the value of your investment. Historic storms represent one of the biggest risks to the stability of your business.

It might seem like the worst is over with for now. The torrential rain is over and cool, dry weather is here. But this is only round one when it comes to the weather. The wildfire season is a few months away, and experts are already saying newly refreshed grasses can turn into potent fuel for flames.

You might be miles away from the most vulnerable areas, but your business can still be affected if electrical transformers, substations, or power lines are damaged. The best way to protect yourself? Install a UPS battery backup system that can sustain your operations during a blackout.

A UPS Battery Backup System Safeguards Your Business, Rain or Shine

A UPS battery backup system is the key to keeping your business running smoothly no matter what goes on with the weather. The impact of poor weather on power transmission is well known to Californians. With your UPS battery backup system in place, power surges, sags, and outages aren’t even noticeable.

The instant there’s a problem with your utility, your UPS kicks on and switches to battery power.

Depending on your needs, a UPS system can:

  • Protect equipment like computers or servers from damaging power spikes and outages
  • Keep your lights and HVAC system running to safeguard your employees and the public
  • Ensure you have the opportunity to safely shut down without losing data or transactions
  • Keep your entire business running for hours until power from the utility is fully restored

The larger a system, the longer it will be able to sustain multiple building systems and equipment pieces. UPS battery backup power experts like those at Nite & Day Power will help you select and install a great uninterruptible power supply that fits your business.

Not only that, but you can choose a Bay Area UPS maintenance contract covering one or multiple Bay Area businesses. With regular maintenance, your system becomes even more reliable and lasts longer with lower cost of ownership. Contact us today to learn more or begin.

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