A UPS Backup System is More Affordable Than a Power Outage

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A UPS backup system is getting less expensive – and your time is getting more valuable.

Traditionally, UPS has been limited to a narrow swath of businesses. These include hospitals and doctor’s offices, providers of critical data and digital services, and infrastructure firms.

Yes, even the companies responsible for carrying electric from Point A to Point B throughout California use a UPS backup system to protect equipment from sudden voltage changes.

However, UPS systems are becoming more affordable for a broad spectrum of companies. With prices falling, now is a terrific time to consider the cost-benefit analysis of a UPS.

 A Major Power Outage Costs You Much More Than You Might Realize

To figure out whether a UPS is right for you, there are a few facts you need to know.

These include:

  • The average number of customers you see on a daily basis.
  • The average amount you make during each customer visit.

With these figures, you can determine approximately how much money you would stand to lose if you were unable to provide services during a power outage.

Most Northern California outages are caused by weather conditions and should be expected to last more than three hours. In some cases, power outages can last an entire day.

There are other costs to consider, too. Without the line voltage conditioning provided by a UPS backup system, your computers and point of sale equipment can be permanently damaged by sharp shifts in voltage even if the power does not stop.

Plus, there’s the human factor.

Power outages are not always widespread. They can be localized to your block or even to your own business. What will customers think if you need to turn them away during power issues? This inconvenience can cost people their appointments and may motivate them to visit your competitors.

A Low-Cost UPS is an Affordable Investment Even for Small Businesses

Use local experts like the team at Nite and Day Power and you’ll find it’s easy to discover a UPS system that meets your needs. That’s true whether you have one piece of equipment to protect at all costs or you want a workhorse system that can keep the lights on for a while.

Our technicians will evaluate your needs, install the ideal system, and get you on a maintenance plan to extend your UPS life. For true peace of mind, contact us today to learn more.

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