Commercial UPS Maintenance

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You’ve made the decision to install a commercial UPS power supply on your premises. You know you want to get the maximum benefit from this powerful piece of business technology. Never again will you need to worry about a freak weather incident closing down your business, damaging equipment, or erasing your valuable data – all plausible scenarios here in the Bay Area.

The first step is to select the right commercial UPS system in collaboration with experienced experts. Then, you get it installed on your premises, ideally by the same vendor. From that point on, you can trust that when your electric from the utility is interrupted for any reason, your commercial UPS power system will kick on instantly.

Residential UPS and commercial UPS units have certain similarities – for example, they use batteries that work together to ensure adequate redundancy and power storage when the system is needed most. That said, your commercial UPS system is much more complex. Under certain conditions, it can even pose a safety risk.

A commercial UPS maintenance contract in the Bay Area is the key when you want to save money on overhead related to your system. Not only that, but your commercial UPS maintenance agreement ensures your UPS will deliver 100% reliable service even if it hasn’t been activated in months or years.

What Do You Get in a Commercial UPS Maintenance Contract in the Bay Area?

Before you ink a commercial UPS maintenance contract in the Bay Area, make sure it’s comprehensive. There are weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual UPS maintenance tasks that need to be done regularly to extend a system’s service life to the maximum and avoid corrosion or damage to electrical connections.

Here’s a basic commercial UPS maintenance checklist:

  • Visual inspection of UPS equipment for loose connections, burned insulation, and so on.
  • Inspection and cleaning or replacement of UPS air filters to ensure appropriate air flow.
  • Visual check of battery and capacitor banks for signs of leakage and contamination.
  • Cleaning and vacuuming of the UPS equipment and enclosures, removal of any debris.
  • Reviewing and optimizing settings for environmental equipment (HVAC) affecting UPS closet.
  • Thermal scanning of UPS equipment to verify sound electrical connections and wiring.
  • Complete operational testing with monitored battery rundown to identify dying batteries
  • Testing of UPS transfer switches, maintenance bypass function and circuit breakers.

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