Battery Backup UPS San Jose

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In the world of the battery backup UPS San Jose businesses are at the forefront.

With a battery backup UPS San Jose companies of all shapes and sizes can serve the public without interruption no matter what. You might think of battery backup as something only used among major hospitals and data centers, but that’s no longer the case here in the Bay Area.

With wild weather in the forecast and thousands of dollars in lost business opportunities on the line, your San Jose business can be ahead of the pack when you choose an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) suited to you.

Using a battery backup UPS, your property is defended from the effects of a power outage because your UPS system will switch on instantly in the event of any power interruption. Some San Jose businesses choose to install a UPS that will run their entire business for hours, while others focus their attention on their most critical equipment.

Let’s consider just a few of the many use cases for a San Jose UPS system:

1. Hotels and Other Hospitality Properties

Nothing will lead to a bad review faster than losing your lights, cooling, or heating at a critical moment – and a problem with PG&E could lead to all three. Hotels are leading the way among the many industries that are now swearing by UPS battery backup as a cost-saving measure.

2. Grocery and Convenience Stores

Grocery stores, gas stations, and convenience stores rely on their ability to turn product around and keep those products at acceptable levels of refrigeration. Even a few minutes of lost power can compromise a million dollar inventory, but a UPS battery backup will keep things cool.

3. Restaurants

Just like grocery stores, restaurants need to be cautious about their perishable inventory. If you lose power, you will not only lose everything stored in the coolers but may even need to turn current guests out of their seats. A UPS battery backup provides peace of mind for both the front of the house and the back.

No Matter What Kind of Business You Have, It’s Better with a UPS Battery Backup

At Nite & Day Power, we’ve helped enterprises of all sizes select the right UPS system for them. Then, our team installs your UPS. We can also evaluate your power system and perform all San Jose UPS maintenance. Call us to learn more.

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