3 Things to Expect - San Jose UPS Commercial Power Analysis

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As the temperature ticks higher, San Jose electrical systems are more likely to work hard. Heat puts more strain on your building’s HVAC system – and that, in turn, taxes your wiring. Whether you already have a San Jose UPS system in place or you’re planning to introduce one this season, now is the time for commercial power analysis.

What 3 things can you expect from a San Jose UPS commercial power analysis?

1. Verify Grounding of All Emergency Power Equipment

Improper grounding elevates your risk of electrical shock, electrical fire, and more. These risks often build in the background. A hazardous event can occur without warning, even when the weather is good. Voltage spikes and sags caused by your electrical utility or by lightning strike can cause extensive damage and may shorten the life of emergency equipment. For all those reasons and more, verifying your grounding is step one.

2. Review of Electrical Wiring and Phasing of the Input Power

Even though California has high standards when it comes to building codes, wiring still ages and becomes less efficient over time. Using a wide range of advanced equipment, the Nite & Day Power team can isolate areas where wiring is corroded or damaged. Infrared cameras enable us to pinpoint potential problem areas before breaching the wall. Breaches are small and self-contained, and next steps will always be cleared with you.

3. Proper Wire Gauge Review on Critical Equipment

Wire gauge refers to the diameter of wire that should be used in an electrical circuit to support the current that circuit is expected to carry. Wires that are too thin have a much higher potential to overheat. To verify the right wire gauge, a trained electrician must examine the actual and projected load of the electrical system under a spectrum of operating conditions. This helps your San Jose commercial UPS last longer and remain reliable.

Together, these three aspects of your San Jose UPS commercial power analysis will protect your investments. When your UPS performs as expected, it means your business can continue operating even under the worst weather conditions. It can make the difference in protecting sensitive equipment, reducing data loss, and maintaining lights, cooling, and all the other aspects of human safety.

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