San Jose Power Analysis

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If you’re doing business in San Jose power analysis is a sound investment.

Despite some of the strictest building codes in the United States, not all San Jose buildings are created equal. Many San Jose businesses are in older structures – even those considered “historic.” If you are a commercial tenant, the landlord has ultimate responsibility for the power system … but can you afford to wait?

For those who own their commercial property, a power analysis is even more important. It helps ensure your wiring is safe, sound, fully intact, and ready for anything that might add more stress during power transmission

In the fast-paced business sector in San Jose power analysis is most frequently used as preparation for a new UPS power supply. A UPS power supply adds redundancy to your electrical system by switching to on-board battery backup power when electric from the utility is interrupted.

Through rain, wind, and anything else nature can throw at the power grid, your staff and customers won’t even know there are power transmission issues, since you’ll no longer have to worry about blackouts or brown-outs.

For Real Peace of Mind in San Jose Power Analysis Is the Answer

Here are some signs you could benefit from power analysis in San Jose:

You’ve Been Experiencing Power Fluctuations

Have you noticed that your lights are flickering at times when the weather is good and nothing unusual seems to be happening in the neighborhood? This could point to a fault with your wiring or suggest “dirty,” low quality power from your utility. A power analysis finds the answer so you can take the right next step.

You’ve Had to Replace Sensitive Equipment

Today’s computer equipment is more powerful than ever before, but it also needs to operate within a tight set of tolerances. Fluctuations in power can shorten the lifespan of computer equipment, erase data, and damage components. Many sophisticated pieces of industrial and scientific equipment are also affected.

You’ll Be Adding a Large, New Equipment Piece

Any time the demands on your power system will increase by a large amount all at once, it’s a wise idea to get a power analysis. Even if you have the floor space and personnel to increase your output, schedule a power analysis before you decide to invest in a major piece of equipment.

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