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San Jose’s beautiful Mediterranean climate has long made it one of the most popular destinations to see in California. Not surprisingly, it’s also a favorite place to do business. But as we write this in January 2024, we’ve seen a real roller coaster of weather over the last several weeks. Huge weather swings have created intense conditions.

With wet, windy weather driven by an atmospheric river, San Jose and surrounding communities have seen fast swings between chilly wind, warm sun, and torrential downpours. Many Bay Area cities were drenched with a foot of rainfall or even more, seeing one of the wettest three-day periods in recent memory.

You know the drill: Intense wind and rain lead more people indoors, which creates more pressure on the local power grid at a time when physical damage to the infrastructure could happen any moment. When it comes to UPS power San Jose businesses of all sizes should take action now.

The Danger to Your Power System Doesn’t End with the Rain

When electric from the utility is interrupted for any reason, a UPS power supply kicks into gear. It shifts any attached equipment to battery power immediately. With UPS power San Jose businesses can keep the doors open regardless of the weather, or safely power down so crucial data isn’t lost.

Intense rain storms can cause sudden power outages, but the danger isn’t over when the sun comes out. The risks of mudslides and other complications linger for days. There may be no threat to your building, but if electrical transformers go down, they can still disrupt your power – even when they’re dozens of miles away.

Using UPS power San Jose businesses of all sizes can enjoy peace of mind. No matter what size your business is, there’s a UPS battery backup power system that will work for you. They range in size from massive units capable of keeping hospitals running to conveniently sized specialty units just right for your point of sale.

Get UPS Power San Jose Can Count on With Professional Installation

When it comes to reliable UPS power in San Jose, the biggest hurdle is a professional installation. You need a team of experts with the experience to assess your current power, help you select the right equipment, then install and maintain it for years to come.

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