San Francisco Bay Area Battery Backup Power

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Is your business protected against the unexpected?

Here in California, virtually all commercial and residential structures are required to have an appropriate fire suppression system. And a majority of small and mid-sized businesses use an alarm system, access control, and other methods to deter property crime.

Yet, there are still many business owners who are taking their chances on a much more common problem: Prolonged blackouts and other electrical issues.

As the temperature climbs and building systems such as HVAC draw more power, your wiring works harder to deliver the support your equipment needs. If you don’t have a Bay Area battery backup power solution, you could find yourself sitting in the dark.

Bay Area Battery Backup Power Isn’t Just for Major Blackouts

Interest in Bay Area battery backup power spiked a few years back when unexpected blackouts ordered by PG&E introduced the phrase “public safety power shutoff” to the Golden State’s vernacular.

These blackouts were long, poorly planned, and often struck without warning.

With a relatively uneventful start to 2022, lots of companies have pulled back on their plans to introduce Bay Area battery backup power. But now’s the time to take a closer look – while you have the perfect opportunity to source and install the right system.

When electricity from your utility is interrupted for any reason, your battery backup system kicks into action. Any connected equipment and systems will shift to battery power immediately, enabling you to continue business as usual or initiate a controlled shutdown.

This means battery backup is the principal way of keeping the lights on in a blackout. Some of the largest commercial backup systems may even allow you to maintain normal operations for hours.

But there are other advantages as well:

1. Longer Equipment Life

“Dirty” power is impossible to detect without special equipment, but it could be shortening the life of your computers and sensitive electronics. Backup systems with line conditioning add an extra defense.

2. Less Stress on Wiring

As buildings age, wiring systems deteriorate. A battery backup system means less stress on your wiring when power is interrupted. Your battery backup team can also help you monitor your wiring’s health.

3. Less Business Disruption

When the lights are off, customers head for the hills. This can be a serious problem for service-oriented businesses that rely on pre-scheduled clientele.

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