Commercial UPS Maintenance

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When you decide on a commercial UPS system, you are protecting your business against all kinds of disasters. The flow of electricity from your utility can be interrupted for countless reasons, and most of them aren’t under anyone’s control – but the right preparation makes the difference.

A commercial UPS system is much bigger and more complex than anything available to consumers, but it works using familiar principles. As soon as electricity is interrupted, the UPS shifts to its onboard battery backup power. This sustains the connected devices without any interruption.

A commercial UPS can run the gamut from a few minutes of emergency power to several hours. Used in tandem with on-site generators, your UPS may be capable of maintaining your operations even if power is disrupted long-term by downed power lines or transformers.

With all that capacity, it’s no surprise you need commercial UPS maintenance to get the most from your system. UPS maintenance has many different aspects, and it is important to get help from qualified pros.

Why UPS Maintenance Is Crucial to Your Commercial UPS

Bay Area businesses are getting used to the uncertainty caused by aging power infrastructure and wild weather events. However, in an ideal situation, you won’t use your UPS for weeks or even months. The question becomes: How can you be sure your UPS will work as intended when you finally do need it?

UPS maintenance provides the answer.

For most commercial UPS systems, maintenance is broken down monthly, quarterly, and annual tasks. Your UPS provider will give you the information you need to keep an eye on your system and ensure it has a suitable operating environment – but more complex UPS maintenance requires the expert touch.

During standard UPS maintenance, the system is tested to ensure all the individual battery units are ready for use. These batteries can fail without notice over a period of months, and if too many of the batteries are not functional, the associated battery strand will also stop working.

This means the system may run at reduced capacity or not at all.

Luckily, these problems don’t happen every day. By working with a highly trained team, you can get the best UPS maintenance in the Bay Area. Other tests are also available that can isolate potential problem spots in older wiring systems, protecting you from an electrical fire.

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