Uninterruptible Power for Commercial Buildings

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The average home is nearly 40 years old. It may or may not surprise you that the stock of commercial buildings is not much younger. Despite its strong economy and reputation for high standards, California is one of the areas of the country where most structures have been around 30 to 39 years.

This is a significant problem for small and mid-sized businesses that rely on real estate from commercial landlords. As leases become shorter and more expensive, companies often find themselves moving into new spaces on an accelerated timeline, before they can verify the electrical system meets their needs.

Demands on California electrical systems are increasing. In addition to wildfires, unprecedented storms and floods are striking throughout the year. Yet, it’s often the case that a business owner can’t be sure whether or not their electrical system will stand up to spikes, surges, and blackouts.

While uninterruptible power for commercial buildings can protect you from blackouts and condition your lines for better power quality, a new UPS is not always the first step. If you aren’t sure about the maintenance status of your power system or when it was last updated, there’s another #1 priority.

That’s a power analysis from trusted technicians.

Don’t Invest Hard-Earned Money on Rewiring – Use a Power Analysis and Save

Sometimes, it might feel like all you get for your ever-rising commercial rent is a roof over your head. But just as with residential landlords, commercial ones do have certain responsibilities they need to maintain. In some cases, that can include renovation of an aging or unsafe wiring system.

Uninterruptible power for commercial buildings will keep your business running when blackouts strike, but you also need to be sure the wiring system can accommodate your needs as you grow. That’s where a power analysis comes into the picture.

During a power analysis, your entire wiring system is checked from top to bottom to ensure correct grounding and identify potential problem areas. Shorts and hotspots can be found before they develop into a more serious issue – typically, an electrical fire that starts with no warning.

If a power analysis finds problems, you can use that documentation to open a discussion with your landlord. California building codes require commercial properties to uphold specific wiring standards. Meanwhile, you can get uninterruptible power for commercial buildings to help spread the load.

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