Uninterruptible Power Supply for Nursing Homes

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As the omicron surge starts to abate in California, one of the best things to do for your nursing home business – and everyone who relies on it – is invested in an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). The right UPS protects your people and property.

An uninterruptible power supply is a backup electrical power system based on a sophisticated array of special batteries. If the flow of electricity stops for any reason, the UPS kicks on and delivers the required power through those batteries.

A smaller UPS system can be used to power-down sensitive electronics so no data is lost and no damage takes place. In a nursing home setting, a larger uninterruptible power supply is used to maintain critical systems, preserve human safety, and ensure comfort during the outage.

Over the last five years, a greater number of extended power outages have hit the Bay Area than at any other time in history. While some of these were directly related to weather events, many of them came as a direct result of management decisions from PG&E, often without any warning.

Let’s consider some of the ways an uninterruptible power supply improves and protects nursing homes:

Keep Your HVAC System Up and Running

Older people are more sensitive to extreme temperatures, and a building can become stifling hot within just half an hour after losing power. A UPS attached to your HVAC system empowers you to sustain heating and cooling – as well as air circulation crucial to minimizing airborne infections.

Safeguard Expensive Medication Supplies

Many nursing homes help their residents through on-site medication management. Each refrigerator is built around a compressor that draws a great deal of electricity. An uninterruptible power supply is a certain way to get consistent cooling temperatures and keep the pricey medication from spoiling.

Prevent Accidents by Maintaining Full Lighting

“Emergency lighting” is no good for the safety of elders who may have mobility issues and compromised eyesight. Keep dangerous falls from happening by making sure lights in both private and common areas can stay lit.

Keep Sensitive Data Safe

If you maintain Protected Health Information on nursing home residents, you are subject to strict HIPAA regulations. Losing information in a power outage can actually result in fines. The money you spend on a UPS will save you more in the long run.

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