4 Reasons Nursing Homes Need Battery Backup Power

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Nursing homes have been at the center of challenge and controversy during the pandemic. Residents are vulnerable to viral infection, and staff members must work hard to reduce the risk. Even with the best of intentions and modern practices, there’s still danger lurking in these environments.

In the Bay Area and throughout California, the hazards can be compounded by factors outside of your control. Blistering heat and intense rain have both become more common. Severe weather conditions far from your facility can cause power supply disruptions that directly affect you.

A battery backup power supply is the most effective way to protect the people that depend on you.

With a Battery Backup Power Supply, Your Business Manages Operational Risks Better than Ever

You can’t control the weather, but a battery backup power supply can help you adapt to it.

With a battery backup power supply, your lights, computer equipment, and other implements are fully supported with battery power the instant that electricity from the utility is interrupted -- for any reason. This allows you to go on with normal operations or ramp down certain services safely. 

What are the four situations that nursing homes need/use battery backup power supply? 

1. Medication Management

Many nursing home residents require medications that must be stored at low temperatures. If the refrigeration is lost, it can cost thousands of dollars. A UPS power supply can maintain your refrigeration at normal levels even if the lights or electronic devices are not receiving power.

2. Environmental Control

In addition to the HVAC system, many nursing homes use specialized particulate air filters to remove irritants. Without the appropriate precautions, indoor air can be many times more polluted than outdoor air. A dedicated battery backup power supply helps you keep air moving and comfortable.

3. Medical Equipment

More nursing homes are combining skilled medical care with their day-to-day services. Today’s medical equipment is more sophisticated than ever, but it is also extremely sensitive to disruption. Your UPS power supply can incorporate “line conditioning” that protects equipment from power surges and sags.

4. Light, Safety, and Business Continuity

Keeping the lights on is often the top priority for any business. The right UPS power supply does this job and more. You can also protect your office computers from a hard shutdown that may damage them or cost you valuable data.

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