Commercial Battery Backup Power

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Throughout the Bay Area, battery backup power is becoming more and more critical to protecting commercial assets. At a time when wild weather happens almost every month, commercial battery backup systems keep you up and running no matter what.

Even early in the year, when Californians get to take a breather from fire season, there are weather events that can negatively impact your business. Over the last few months, we saw the Golden State seesaw from heavy rain and snow toward a return to drought conditions.

Even when the sky is crystal clear around the Bay, weather conditions dozens or hundreds of miles away influence the delivery of electricity. PG&E service can be interrupted any time in the day or night. When that happens, commercial battery backup power is essential to success.

How Commercial Battery Backup Power Works

You might already have an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for your computer or other electronic devices at home. When the flow of electricity is interrupted for any reason, this kicks on and shifts to battery backup power before performance is lost.

This is especially crucial with computers and other sensitive electronic equipment, but it can affect your business at all levels. Commercial battery backup power is much more advanced than anything you can purchase at home. Larger systems can keep your company’s lights on for hours.

However, even a small battery backup system can produce real business value. It means the difference between losing all of your data or continuing your day productively. A small commercial UPS may give you half an hour of power to turn your equipment off safely and defend your data.

Commercial Battery Backup Power Isn’t Just for Blackouts

As California’s electric infrastructure ages, the quality of delivery is getting worse.

This leads to intermittent surges and sags all throughout the day. Some of these may be noticeable as brief “brown-outs,” but most of them are impossible to detect with the naked eye. Unfortunately, as the improper voltage reaches your machinery, it does damage – every single time.

With commercial battery backup systems, you have an “always-on” option for protecting your devices. This extends the life of key computers, servers, and more. And it will put you in a position to continue serving your customers, rain or shine, no matter what disruptions strike the energy grid in your area.

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