Bay Area UPS Service Contracts

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You want your computers and other equipment to work reliably. And when you can’t count on electrical power – say PG&E decides to notify you of a blackout six hours in advance – you want to be just as sure your UPS is up to the task.

But if you haven’t been attentive to UPS maintenance, there may be trouble.

UPS maintenance is essential to making sure your system works as intended. You might go weeks, months, or whole quarters without using the UPS, but a UPS maintenance schedule can’t be overlooked. So, what’s the best schedule for your system?

Some UPS maintenance tasks vary based on the type of system you use. Smaller systems use sealed batteries with a relatively short service life that rarely need attention until it’s time to replace them. On the other hand, large flooded cell batteries require monthly care.

Here’s what you need to do to keep your UPS maintenance on track:


  • Perform visual system inspection for dust or debris
  • Test the room’s ventilation system for proper airflow
  • Check batteries for electrolyte levels and any leaks
  • Review your battery monitoring system logs
  • Measure room temperature and batteries’ float charging current
  • If a generator is present, test it on a monthly basis


  • Tighten all electrical connections and check connections for damage
  • Measure the voltage from each UPS cell or battery block in the system
  • Measure the ambient temperature of a minimum of 10% of battery cells
  • Measure the negative-post temperatures of the same quantity of battery cells

Twice Annually

  • Inspect and repair battery connections and use thermal imaging to check the wiring
  • Review systems for signs of battery or capacitor liquid contamination
  • Clean out and vacuum the equipment closet or other equipment room
  • Run a complete test of UPS functions – testing under load optional


  • Take the system down and inspect all components for wear, heat damage, and corrosion
  • Run a load test on the battery bank to ensure its capacity meets operational requirements
  • Measure and check power connections’ torque and adjust connections as necessary
  • Perform a monitored battery rundown test to identify batteries needing replacement
  • Measure and test voltages for all cells in a flooded cell battery and the entire bank

While some basic tasks can be handled in-house, most UPS maintenance requires years of expertise – and it can be dangerous. For the help you need, contact Nite & Day Power.


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