UPS Maintenance - Why It's Important

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When your business loses power from the local utility, you want to be 100% confident that your uninterruptible power supply is running smoothly.

In an average month, odds are good you didn’t have a power emergency. But when it counts, your UPS must be there to pick up the slack instantly.

Since your system may go months at a time without use, how can you be sure?

The answer is preventive UPS maintenance.

Preventive UPS Maintenance Keeps Your System Working Strong

Like any complex electronic system, your UPS requires regular maintenance to deliver excellent performance. UPS maintenance not only ensures predictability but extends the life of the whole system. That saves you money on what can be a costly replacement process.

Your UPS might seem like a “black box,” but it actually has a number of components with limited service life. Among these are capacitors and batteries. Individual battery life depends on the design, use, and environmental conditions, and a battery can fail without notice.

Naturally, a UPS system is designed with failsafe – for example, strings of multiple batteries can work together in case one unit fails. UPS maintenance is crucial for replacing components, as well as for ensuring the entire system operates as planned.

The Benefits of Preventive UPS Maintenance

A proactive approach to UPS maintenance ensures that a qualified team can examine and test your entire system. This gets you accurate documentation on performance and any steps you can take, such as optimizing the UPS storage environment or your wiring, to get an even better value.

Regular UPS maintenance helps you:

  • Maximize your system’s uptime
  • Prevent outages and accidents
  • Curb your energy usage
  • Save more money
  • Extend the life of your UPS
  • Control safety risks, like fire

There are some basic weekly and monthly tasks your own team can perform to support optimal UPS operation. When it comes to quarterly and annual maintenance, however, an expert team is your best bet. Mishandling your UPS equipment, even by accident, can lead to problems.

For 100% Uptime, Schedule Your UPS Maintenance in Advance

UPS maintenance is crucial, but it doesn’t need to be time-consuming. With your own UPS maintenance contract, your system can be inspected, tested, and maintained when it minimizes disruption to your business activities. You may prevent thousands in lost business by ensuring your UPS is ready for action. To learn more, contact Nite & Day Power today.

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