The Most Unexpected Risk to Your UPS Battery in Santa Clara County

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Using a UPS battery in Santa Clara County?

Then you need a plan to keep your UPS battery equipment efficient and up to date.

One thing business owners might not think about in relation to their UPS battery equipment is air quality. If you have poor indoor air quality or a dirty work environment, you may find your system needs more proactive maintenance than it would in a cleaner workplace.

The “Clean Facts” on UPS Battery that Santa Clara Businesses Often Overlook

You rely on your UPS system to keep your business up and running. But odds are good you don’t interact with it every day or even every week – and during that downtime, wear and tear can lead to problems with your system. This is especially true if it gets dirty.

In many industrial workplaces, it’s impossible to avoid some degree of indoor contamination. This kind of work environment can make your UPS work harder. Your batteries may burn out sooner or your electrical connections could be more prone to shorts.

Any of those issues can cause your system to fail to boot up when you need it.

For UPS battery customers, there are three important ways to provide an efficient environment in the area where your emergency power systems are stored:

1. Keep Your Building HVAC System Tuned Up

Many commercial HVAC systems have multiple filters that need to be replaced every 3-6 months. When these filters become dirty, the system is less efficient and irritants remain in the air, including in the ductwork. This can affect UPS systems in power closets where there is limited space.

2. Keep the Emergency Power Room Clean

One of the first steps in any UPS battery repair is to look for dust, dirt, and grime, both in and around the equipment. The cleaner the surrounding area is, the cleaner the equipment will be. That makes it safer and more efficient.

3. Get Regular Maintenance for Your UPS

Maintenance is an essential part of keeping any building system functional. Just as you use it to keep your HVAC running, protect your indoor and outdoor surfaces, and extend the life of your key equipment, you also need maintenance for UPS battery equipment.

The right maintenance plan can extend the life of your UPS system for many years. We have UPS service contracts to serve your unique business and need. Don’t let a single dead battery foil your emergency preparedness plan: contact Nite & Day Power.

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