UPS Service Contracts: Bay Area Companies’ Best Way to Increase UPS Return on Investment

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If your business uses a UPS, a service contract is critical.

A service contract provides an extra layer of protection so you know your UPS system will work according to your expectations. When your UPS turns on, odds are good that there’s already an emergency: You don’t want to compound that with a UPS that fails to activate!

UPS Service Contracts Bay Area Businesses Can Count On

What do UPS service contracts actually include?

The structure of your service contract depends on the equipment you use.

However, there are three main goals for any service contract:

  • Monitor your UPS and all related devices proactively
  • Diagnose any mechanical issues that develop within your equipment
  • Perform maintenance or replacement before performance issues arise

Like the other key equipment your business relies on, your UPS should be seen by qualified professionals regularly. There are maintenance tasks to be taken care of on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. Having these on a schedule ensures they are handled promptly.

A UPS Contract Protects You From Premature Replacement

With the best UPS maintenance contract, your provider will test every aspect of your UPS system according to industry best practices. Batteries in need of replacement can be isolated in a safe environment so the system is truly ready for use when you need it.

At the same time, electrical connections can be checked and cleaned. Less frequently, all of the wiring throughout the UPS will be examined. There’s nothing worse than having the lights go out and knowing the uninterruptible power supply didn’t kick on as expected!

Maintenance makes it less likely that a power surge or other unusual line condition will damage the system, requiring a completely new one to be installed in its place. Although replacement is a fact of life, you can extend your system’s service for many years. That is the winning difference for UPS service contracts Bay Area institutions gladly invest in.

Nite & Day Power Offers UPS Contracts Bay Area Brands Trust

You need a team that will customize your service contract to your exact needs. At Nite & Day Power, our experts understand the complete UPS life cycle. We can plan, install, and maintain a system for any situation. Our clients include hospitals, telecommunications providers, and others who rely on 100% uptime for all of their important machinery.

For UPS contracts Bay Area companies can rely on, contact Nite & Day Power.

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