Shelter-in-Place Shows How Many California Businesses Need Critical Power Systems

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What is the business case for critical power systems? How do you know when your workplace needs critical power systems in place? Answers to these questions are changing.

There are some environments where critical power makes obvious sense. For example, no one would argue that hospitals aren’t critical, especially at a time like this.

However, there are thousands of environments where critical power can help. People are realizing just how interrelated their lives are – and that includes the businesses they depend on.

Implementing a critical power strategy is one way to protect your company from the unknown. And when you do that, your community benefits.

What Are the Most Common Uses for Critical Power Supplies?

Some of the most common industries for critical power include:

  • Healthcare
  • Banks
  • Airports
  • Aerospace
  • Communication Networks
  • Distribution Centers
  • Food Plants

However, the definition of what is critical is evolving. In short, if your business was “essential” during the Bay Area’s COVID-19 lockdown, odds are good you can benefit from your own power supply solutions. That should start with an enterprise UPS system.

With a UPS and generator, you can add essential redundancy and guard against mechanical failure. Some businesses even “double duplicate” these systems for advanced protection.

The Brands Californians Trust Need Critical Power to Help Their Communities

Retail enterprises offering food or goods helpful for working from home should consider an uninterruptible power supply. Not only does this protect all of your perishable inventory from unexpected outages, it can also ensure that your security systems continue operating.

Many restaurants have also remained open on a carry-out or quick serve basis. This has truly been vital for members of the community as staple foodstuffs have not always been readily available at the grocery store. Ask yourself: Does your favorite restaurant have a UPS? It should!

In California, the cannabis industry made headlines when it was deemed essential. However, thousands of Californians suffer from chronic pain conditions that require these treatment resources. Dispensaries, too, should invest in critical power.

Get the Support You Need with Critical Power Systems from Nite & Day Power

Healthcare, emergency services, agriculture, energy, waste management, logistics, telecom, financial services, and some manufacturing have all been deemed critical. If your business works in or supplies any of these sectors, then critical power truly is for you.

For a system that will meet your needs now and in the future, contact us today.

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