All San Jose Dental Practices Should Use Battery Backup

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Many dental practices throughout the Bay Area have looked for creative new ways to cut costs and improve margins on every patient encounter.

One of the most effective ways to approach the problem is by outsourcing certain personnel and processes. In particular, most small and mid-sized dental practices don’t have an anesthesiologist on the payroll. Instead, they contract one for a few days a month.

This makes a great deal of sense, since patients usually have some leeway in when they schedule their major dental surgeries. Practices can save a lot of money on both expertise and equipment.

However, there is a catch: Those few days when the anesthesiologist is on site become critical.


Protect Your Patients Through Battery Backup San Jose Can Trust

When an anesthesiologist’s services are available only a few days per month, important procedures end up clustered on particular days. In some cases, there may be only a few minutes between them.

Under these conditions, it’s crucial that nothing be allowed to interfere with the safe and precise discharge of medical gas. A single malfunction may endanger a patient or end a procedure prematurely.

Not only that, but you could find yourself unable to keep those other appointments.

To protect patients and get the cost reduction you want, it’s vital to maintain tight control over the aspects that your facility contractors have no influence over. In particular, that means using battery backup San Jose medical facilities can rely on to keep their equipment running.

All medical gas equipment has fail safe mechanisms. However, the appropriate flow rate of anesthetic gas can only be maintained with adequate electrical power. UPS battery backup sustains that power as needed, even in the event you completely lose current from your utility provider.

Even for equipment that draws a great deal of power, a good UPS will allow you to continue your procedure safely for ten to thirty minutes. That allows you to complete your work or take the steps needed to draw a patient back to waking consciousness.

UPS can also keep the lights on in your examination room or operating theater.

Battery Backup San Jose Physicians Count On Is Available Now

In any medical environment, a battery backup system must be customized to meet your exact needs. A larger array of batteries can keep equipment running longer and provide greater redundancy. To learn more, contact Nite & Day Power today.

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