A Guide To San Jose Uninterruptible Power Supply For Newbies

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At some point in your life, you're going to experience a blackout.  When you do, you will experience some ill-effects, such as your computer shutting down incorrectly.  When a computer or network shuts down improperly a few things happen:

- Your computer gets unnecessary wear and tear put on the hardware - which eventually leads to computer failure

- You could lose your data

-You could literally lose all your work - its stressful, to say the least.  Thankfully you do have one option available to you -- a San Jose uninterruptible power supply.

What Is A San Jose Uninterruptible Power Supply?

Also referred to as a UPS unit, these devices offer a battery backup that allows you to have several minutes of extra power in a blackout. They tend to be used with things like networks and computers, but they can be used for other items in other businesses and facilities, too.

A UPS unit lets you be protected from surge protection, as well as voltage regulations.

Three Types Of UPS Units

There are 3 options when it comes to a San Jose uninterruptible power supply:

- Standby Units:  These are the cheapest options of all 3.  The unit will be directly plugged into a wall and the battery sits on standby.  When the power goes out, the unit detects it and switches over to the battery.

- Online UPS:  This unit is considered the best - and the most expensive.  If you have critical equipment, this is the one you would consider using for your business.  This San Jose uninterruptible power supply will continually filter power through the battery until your computer needs it.

- Line Interactive UPS:  A Standby Unit does not work well with brownouts, but this unit does.  When the power in your grid drops out, the special transformer in this unit is able to put out stable power for the computer.

While there are a few different brands out there, picking out the right unit for your business can become a little overwhelming.  In order to really dwindle down your options, it's a good idea to look at the actual features and functions of the San Jose uninterruptible power supply too. 

Here are a few features to consider when looking at a UPS unit for your business:

- Performance Monitors

- Available Connections

- Noise

- Warranty

- Replaceable Batteries

If you need more help with your UPS unit, contact Nite and Day Power today for more information!

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