Things To Look For In A Battery Backup San Jose

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A Battery Backup San Jose can help protect your business's network and computer systems from data loss.  These are primarily used when a network goes down because of an attack, or because of mother nature - things like white outs, brown outs, and blackouts, due to  thunderstorms or earthquakes.

If you want your network to stay safe and not have data loss, a Battery Backup San Jose is going to be a great place to start.  But, what should you look for when choosing a backup?

The Capacity

When looking for a Battery Backup San Jose a lot of people are going to try to find a low-end, low-cost unit. However, the capacity is going to depend on how big your network is and how much data you have - as well as how long you need the backup for.  Unfortunately, this means you might have to spend a little more, but you DO get what you pay for in this instance ie; the right product and capacity!

Faulty Wire Indicator

One of the biggest reasons these systems do not work is because a wire to the unit became dislodged - this can happen for many different reasons, but if a wire becomes dislodged or disconnected, it can completely defeat the purpose of the Battery Backup San Jose.  This is why when buying a unit you should make sure it has a faulty wire or wire-disconnected indicator.

Auto-Diagnostic Testing

Most people that purchase a Battery Backup San Jose, place it under a cubicle or a room and completely forget about it!  But if you rely on this unit to keep your network up and prevent data loss, you want to make sure it's always working, which is why an automatic diagnostic option is important.  This will auto-test the unit to make sure everything is working properly.

The Warranty

When you purchase a Battery Backup San Jose it will cost money, which means that when you purchase one you want it to last for as long as possible - and if there are issues, you'll want the company to come in and fix the unit or replace it for free.  Because of this, you absolutely should make sure that the unit you purchase has a warranty on it.

If you need a Battery Backup San Jose, contact Nite and Day Power today for more information on how they can help your business or facility.

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