Examples Of Why You Need A Battery Backup For Medical Equipment

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There are way too many reasons to list of why you need a Battery Backup for your medical equipment. That is to say, that it's definitely worth it if you have medical equipment and it's critical to keep it powered up.

 Examples Of Places You Need A Battery Backup

Again, making a list is futile, but here are a few examples of places that would benefit from a Battery Backup:

- Hospitals
- Doctors Offices
- Dentists
- Surgery Centers
- Medical Offices 
- Operating Rooms

Older facilities may also have dated electrical foundations which result in more power outages.

What Is Considered Critical?

Essentially when we say the word critical in this instance, we're talking about pieces of equipment that either:

1- Keep people alive
2- Keep people comfortable
3- Are a necessary function for your facility

Imaging Equipment

Imaging systems are becoming more and more common in modern medicine.  It doesn't matter if its an x-ray machine, ultrasound or an MRI system, these are commonly used for diagnosing a patient.  These machines also require a lot of power and can put a significant strain on your grid.  

Lab Equipment

At first thought, when you consider the word critical, you might not think about lab equipment.  But lab machinery, such as analyzers, can run for hours on end and they need to run without interruption.  So if you have an outage, this can really mess things up!


If you have a family doctor's office, such as a pediatrician's office, you probably store vaccines in refrigerators and freezers.  You rely on that equipment to be constantly powered and at the right temperature.  If not, they might have to be thrown away, or cause serious injury. This could cost you thousands of dollars!  

Life Support

This should be a no-brainer, but life support machines and support equipment needs a battery backup.  Most machines do have a small battery backup built into the machine, but this simply provides a very short amount of protection from the time the power goes out to the generator startup. And there are always "what ifs" in life. What if the generator won't start?  What if you need something else?  Using a battery backup is going to be your best bet!

If you need a battery backup for your hospital, doctor's office, lab, or any other healthcare facility, contact Nite and Day Power for more information.

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