The Benefits Of Preventative Maintenance Of Your UPS Unit

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From the smallest business to the largest facility, ensuring your infrastructure is secure, making sure there is as much uptime to critical loads, and making sure that operations of the facility are maximized as much as possible are all obvious and important factors.  

But when it comes to preventative maintenance of a UPS unit, or even UPS battery replacement, you might be wondering about more specific benefits.


Benefit #1 - Reduced Downtime In Your Business

Not only can downtime make you lose money, but if you have the UPS unit in a hospital it could also mean losing something even more serious - patients!  When you either choose to use preventive measures for maintenance or you make sure you do your part for a UPS battery replacement, you are ensuring less downtime in your business.

Benefit #2 - Better Energy Efficiency

As with any other technological item or any item that uses energy, when it's not working correctly, it works overtime, and when it works overtime, it's using more energy and costing you more money than if it were working properly. Using preventative measures OR doing a UPS battery replacement for the UPS unit will give you better energy efficiency and give you a more cost-effective product.

Benefit #3 - Better Performance

Besides better energy efficiency, another huge benefit of a UPS battery replacement / services is that it will improve the performance of the UPS unit. Preventive maintenance, for example, will include cleaning and removal of dust debris, dirt, etc.  But the service will also ensure that the connections and contacts are correct as well.

An old UPS can put extra stress on the system, which is why a UPS battery replacement is so important.  

Benefit #4 - Increased Productivity

If you have a business that really relies on the UPS unit and you have employees that rely on power, losing it is going to halt productivity by quite a bit.  If your UPS unit is connected to your computers, data center, or any other number of critical pieces of equipment, and there is an emergency, your employees won't be able to get back to work until those pieces of equipment are running again!

If you need a UPS battery replacement service, or if you're interested in preventive measures of your UPS unit, contact Nite and Day Power today for more information.

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