Power Backup System To Keep Your San Jose Business Safe

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A power strip might help protect your devices when it comes to a power surge, but it does absolutely nothing when the power goes out completely.  For that, you will need a power backup system or a UPS unit.


Why You Need A Power Backup System

Sudden loss of power and power surges are one of the most common reasons for businesses to have damage done to their computers and electronics in a business.  

If you are worried about things like brownouts, blackouts, or drops in voltage in your lines, you need to have a backup system.

How Much Power Do You Need?

For something like a home, it might be easier to calculate how much wattage you would need because you might only have a handful of devices that need a backup system.

But, for a business with dozens of PCs, a data center, server, etc., it's going to be a more complex calculation. You might be asking yourself: How can I figure out the size of the backup system I'll need for my business? Here's your answer: Simply hire someone to come in and calculate it for you!

3 Types Of Units

When talking about a backup system for a business you have 3 different options available to you, all with their own benefits.

- A Standby Unit:  These units will charge the battery and will wait for the main power to drop off.  When the main power drops off, it switches to the backup system. The switch takes around 20 to 100 milliseconds.

- A-Line Interactive UPS Unit: These are specifically designed for areas with power sags and brownouts. They are similar in design to a standby unit but include a special transformer. These also cost a little more, but if your location has a lot of voltage issues this might be the best system for your business.

- An Online Unit: This is the most expensive power backup system, but it's also the most reliable. Unlike the other 2 systems above that jump into action as soon as trouble arrives, the Online Unit continuously filters power through to the power backup system. Not even 1 single millisecond of power interruption is possible with this unit. It's amazing!

If these sound like good options for your business and you want to know more about a UPS unit, contact Nite and Day Power today for more information.

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