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Just like every other business out there, a hospital relies on electrical power - without it, it can cause patient issues, life or death instances and cost your hospital money.  If you're still on the fence about a backup battery for your hospital, here are just a few reasons why you should reconsider it.

 Case Studies

There are several case studies in India, the UK, and the US where hospitals only had a backup generator - and it didn't loop in until minutes later.  These minutes are precious, especially if you have patients on life support.

Why A Battery Backup Is Essential In Hospitals

Hospitals have advanced medical equipment, machines, and tools that all require electrical components.  When there is a loss of power, there are a number of things that can go wrong.  

Machine Failure:  If you have machines for life support, MRI scans or anesthesiology equipment, these will all stop working until the electricity is turned back on.

Lights Turn Off:  Whether you're in a grocery store or in a hospital when the lights go off during a storm or other natural disaster - it is scary and causes immediate panic.  

Air Conditioning:  Cooling and heating loss will create panic among your patients and staff, not to mention the fact that it's uncomfortable.

Loss Of Water Pressure:  If you have electrical pumps in your hospital, loss of water pressure could cause sanitation problems.

Data Loss:  If you have computers and digital data storage for patients, these will all be unavailable until the electricity goes back on.  

Security:  Chances are at a hospital there are door locks and alarms.  If the electricity goes out, these security measures will stop working.

Lifts, Elevators, Escalators:  If your hospital uses any of these 3 processes to move people from one floor to another, these will stop working when the electricity goes off leaving people bed bound.

As you can probably imagine, these issues are not something you want happening in a hospital setting.  That's why it's important that hospitals and other healthcare facilities have a backup battery and a plan for the loss of power.

A backup battery will ensure that power outages are minimal in your business, reducing the risk of revenue, time loss and data loss in your hospital.

If you need a backup battery for your hospital, healthcare facility - or another type of business, visit Nite and Day Power for more information.

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