UPS Power Supply Santa Cruz Can Rely On

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There are many times when a UPS Power Supply is required to protect medical equipment and machines and keep them powered up and ready to go.  If you want to keep your equipment and machines running with uninterrupted power, you absolutely need a UPS Power Supply.  Here are just a few instances where you would need a UPS unit in the medical and healthcare industry.


Imaging Equipment

It doesn't matter if you're a small practice or a large corporately run hospital -- you probably use things like MRI, X-ray and CT machines in your practice.  These pieces of equipment are used for everything from car crashes to check-ups, and more.

Equipment failure in the case of these machines can cost lives - and money.

Healthcare Industry

Not only does imaging equipment need a UPS Power Supply, but other equipment as well, such as:

Clinical Lab Equipment
Medical Gas Monitoring Systems
Surgical Equipment
Operating Rooms
Life Support
Medicine and Vaccine Refrigerators / Freezers
Home Health Care Units such as CPAP and oxygen machines

Lab Equipment

Labs call for some instances where machines need to be running in a constant manner in order to test specimens.  If the lab equipment shuts down - even for a second, this could ruin the tests that the lab is running.  In some rare cases, there might not be another specimen available to retest.  

Cosmetic Surgery Practices

If you have a smaller practice and you offer something like cosmetic surgery where its all outpatient surgeries, you still have equipment that need to have backup machines that are up and running. 

Life Support Machines

Another big example are life support machines.  These absolutely need backup power - that should go without saying!  Most of the life support systems these days have a built-in battery, thanks to the manufacturer.  But, if the generator in the building goes awry or you need back up power for longer than a few minutes, the UPS Power Supply is going to be your best bet to keep the patient safe and alive.  

People always say that it's better to be safe than to be sorry, but in the case of medical and healthcare centers, this couldn't be any truer.  You have people that are relying on you.  If you need a UPS Power Supply consider visiting Nite and Day Power for more information.

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