Critical Power Systems for San Francisco

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The risks that are associated with a power interruption are not always evident.  It's important to understand these risks when it comes to critical power systems and the "costs" that it can cause in your facilities.  


Costs For Your Facility

Costs can either equate to money or time.  They can include instances such as:

- Damaged Equipment
- Loss Of Product or Materials
- Loss Of Data
- An Idle Workforce - either with equipment or people
- Loss Of Production
- Possible Inconvenience to Customers

Here are a few things you need to be aware of when it comes to UPS units.

Install Provided Software

These critical power systems always come with some sort of software.  This software is a guide that steps in and powers the connected systems when the main power source fails.

Batteries Fail

Whether it's a regular battery or critical power systems, nothing is perfect.  Thankfully with these critical systems, you will be given plenty of warning signs that something is wrong.  Many systems these days have lights that will warn you that something is amiss, or they will include a virtual control panel that shows you when something is wrong.

Don't Connect To A Laser Printer

This one might sound a little odd, but you should not be using your critical power systems to connect to a laser printer.  Why?  A laser printer actually consumes a quick, but large amount of energy - most UPS models can't supply the amount of power required as quickly as the printer demands.

Don't Forget About Updating, Replacing Or Upgrading

Most of these critical power systems sit behind people's desks or in corners where you might forget about them.  While these systems are ultra-convenient and important to your business, they also only last a few years.  Make sure that you update, replace or upgrade your UPS systems every few years.

Know The Difference Between A UPS and A Generator

While critical power systems can help you escape an unexpected crisis, it should be important to note that a UPS system is not a generator.  A UPS system is specifically meant to be used as a temporary solution in order to properly close down applications, save your work, and shut everything down correctly.

If you need a critical power system for your business or facility or you need someone to help you install the system, contact Nite and Day Power for more information.

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