Emergency Power Source for the Bay Area

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Every single day while watching the news you can see natural disasters happening and people simply not being prepared for them.  If you have a home or a business and you live in locations with Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, High Winds or other naturally occurring conditions, it's important that you are prepared ahead of time just in case something might happen. 

When it comes to an emergency power source, you have a few options available to you.



A UPS unit is one of the best options for an emergency power source.  Its primarily used for computers, but it can really be used for any type of product that uses electricity to work: lights, fridges, escalators, elevators, medical machines and more.  

While the computer emergency power source UPS option gives you enough to save your work and shut down properly, there are stronger and longer lasting UPS units that can last for hours, or days on end. These are perfect for emergency situations in emergency facilities.

If keeping your electricity on is crucial for your business, a UPS unit is something to consider.

Portable Generators

This type of emergency power source can be purchased anywhere, and it's cost effective, but better for a home than a commercial business. Most of the portable generators out there use some type of gas, so make sure if you do purchase one of these for your home that you have enough stored gas for your generator.

Standby Generators

This type of emergency power source is plugged into your power source all the time and is essentially being "charged". So when your power goes out, these kick on almost immediately. Smaller systems can be used for your home, but these are primarily for commercial businesses, like the UPS units, because they can be a little more costly and you might need a permit in order to have one.

If you decide to purchase one of the two commercial power sources above, you should also have someone come in beforehand and do an analysis for you. This will help you, as a business owner, realize and understand how much power you need for your business. The same business that does the analysis will most likely also offer services for the power source including installation and maintenance.

If you need an emergency power source and analysis for your business, visit Nite and Day Power online or call them at (800) 540-7693.

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