Looking For Power Backup Systems For Your San Jose Business?

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The common power strip might protect your equipment from power surges, but when it comes to the entire grid going out, a strip just won't do!  If you want to keep the power on, no matter what type of electrical down time you're experiencing, power backup systems are a much better option.


Where Can They Be Used?

There isn't just one place these power backup systems can benefit. While they are primarily used in businesses, companies, organizations and health facilities to keep equipment, appliances, medical gear and more going, they can also be used in the home.

Home power backup systems are significantly smaller and cheaper.  But, it's important that if you're getting one for a business you should spend a little more and get one with the right features for your needs.

How Much Power Do You Need?

At the absolute minimum, you want a power backup system that will allow you enough time to at least shut down/power down your system properly.

At the max, these power backup systems will work for hours or days on end - depending on the power you choose.  This will not only give you time to power down if you choose to do so, but it will keep certain items up and running that are important for your business.

Doctors offices, for example, absolutely need medical equipment to be available and charged at a moment's notice.

Hospitals might have in-house pharmacies with equipment or fridges, which need to have constant power. Elevators, lights, and the like, come secondary to equipment involving patient safety.

Types Of Units

A Standby Unit:  This is like a battery that charges itself.  Once the power drops off, the unit will switch to the battery backup.  The switch takes around 20 to 100 MS, which is generally well within the threshold of most electronics.

Line Interactive:  These are similar to a standby unit, but they include a special transformer.  The transformer works well for conditions when there's a power sag or a brownout.

Online UPS Unit:  This is the most expensive type of power backup system, but it's also the most useful and beneficial. This unit continuously runs power via the wall power.  Because of how these units are designed, there is never, even a millisecond of time, of power loss.

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