Your Bay Area Business Will Benefit From Scheduled UPS Maintenance

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It doesn't matter what type of UPS system you purchase for your business; they all work the same way: an electrical apparatus initiates emergency power when the main power source fails. The battery itself is the life behind the system, which needs to be serviced, and thus, a good idea to have scheduled UPS Maintenance. 

Temperature and Environment

Just like with any other piece of electronic equipment, these batteries need to have room to breathe and they have to run at the right temperature; not too hot and not too cold.

Most UPS Maintenance companies will suggest that there is an ambient temperature of at least 77 degrees Fahrenheit.  If a unit is run at a higher temperature, the life of the battery will be shortened significantly.

Also, if the unit is too cold, the performance on your unit will decrease too.

You Should Avoid These Situations: 

- Shouldn't be placed near any open windows
- Shouldn't be placed by corrosive fumes
- Should be kept clean and away from dust particles
- Should be kept away from areas where there is moisture

Float Voltage Monitoring

In maintenance you also need to consider the float voltage.  The voltage should be monitored and adjusted as needed.  If you overcharge the battery unit it will fail prematurely.  If you undercharge it, it will decrease the performance of the unit.

Maintenance Free

If a UPS Maintenance free unit sounds ideal, hold that thought!  Even though these units do not require a replacement fluid, they still need to be checked, maintained and monitored.

You need to visually and physically check the batteries to make sure they are clean from things like dust particles, debris or dirt and you need to do this on a weekly basis.

You will also need to check for corrosion, isolate bad batteries and check for loose connections when it comes to UPS Maintenance.

Charging and Storage

If you want to decrease downtime, you also might need to purchase new batteries BEFORE they're needed.  If you're using traditional lead batteries, these have to be charged every 6 months.

If you need a UPS unit in your business, but this sounds confusing or time-consuming, you can also hire a UPS Maintenance company.  A company will come in on a schedule and look over everything for you to make sure it's working properly.

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