UPS Power Analysis for San Jose

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When you have a business and an electrical interruption is not an option, a UPS unit is going to be an essential part of your business.  They help prevent downtime and outages.  However, when you have one of these UPS units, they will need to be analyzed and maintained throughout their lifetime.

Here are a few UPS Power Analysis checks you should do on your unit.


Quarterly UPS Power Analysis

Whether you decide to hire someone, or do it on your own, this UPS Power Analysis deals primarily with visually checking and inspecting the equipment for things like burned insulation, signs of wear and tear, and loose connections.

Semi-Annual UPS Power Analysis

On a semi-annual basis you should also be:

- Cleaning and vacuuming the UPS enclosers

- Checking the HVAC equipment and performance in relation to temperature and humidity

- Visually checking for contamination from the capacitors and batteries.

Annual UPS Power Analysis

These checks start to get a little more complex, so it is in your best interest to have someone come in and do these for you:

- Evaluate the entire unit and all aspects of the UPS.

- Do a complete operational test on the system which should also include a battery rundown test.  This will help determine if any battery strings or cells are near their end of life.

- Conduct thermal scans on the electrical connections of the UPS unit and make sure they are not producing extra heat.  A professional technician will be able to use a diagnostic tool which will identify hot spots in/on/around the UPS unit that is invisible to the naked eye.

Biannual UPS Power Analysis

- Make sure you test the transfer switches on the UPS unit, test the circuit breakers, and do a maintenance bypass on the system.

*If the UPS unit you have is used for things like an emergency power system, you would also need to do a monthly or quarterly test on the UPS system and come up with a general maintenance schedule for your business.  This test would be site-wide and it gives your employees a more defined time as to when these tests would be happening so they can be aware.

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