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Given the fact as to just how vital computers and tech-systems are these days to modern businesses, a power outage is something everyone needs to worry about.  When the power goes out in a residential area it's bad enough, but if you're a business, this can be a devastating situation.  A working network grid in a business isn't just a luxury, its a necessity.


How Much Battery Backup Power Do You Need?

There's no limit in terms of a battery backup you can buy.  You can always add more battery backups and add more batteries to the UPS units.  

- For short-term outages, you'll probably only need anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes of power.  This won't allow you to continue working, but it will allow you a few minutes to let your employees save their work.

- For longer disruptions, you'll want to consider a bigger battery backup.  A multi-hour backup battery will be beneficial if you rely on the internet or online sales for your revenue stream, you have a contractual obligation to maintain up-time or you have server equipment (or other devices) that can be damaged if they are shut down improperly.

Capacities vs Expenses

It should already be obvious, but the more backup you buy ie; the higher capacity it has (the longer it runs, the more devices you can attach to it, etc) the more expensive it will be.  

Most of the entry level battery backup systems out there will be between 200 and 450 watts.  But, there are higher capacity systems for bigger businesses, organizations, and corporations.

Regular Diagnostic Testing

When a company purchases a backup power system it usually sits under a cubicle, in a separate room, or tucked behind equipment in the server room.  Make sure that when you buy a unit that it either comes with regular diagnostic software OR the company you purchase the unit from has professionals that can come in and maintain, check, and diagnose the unit!

A battery backup will protect the organization's network, which is why it's important to not only purchase from a reputable dealer but to also see if they offer warranties.  Most will offer 90-day warranties for entry-level units, whereas bigger, more powerful units will offer 2-3 year warranties.

Whether you're a small business or a corporation and you need a battery backup, contact Nite and Day Power for more information.

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