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You might be surprised at the number of businesses, companies, and organizations across the world that use power backup systems for their everyday operations. When you think of power back up systems, data centers and hospitals may come to mind first, but there are also many other businesses that can benefit from them. Let's take a look at a few and examples.

Hospitality and Tourism Businesses

Since these locations almost always have guests, they need to make sure that when the power goes off, the lights stay on. This isn't only for the benefit of the guests (to keep them happy), you have to keep the business running, and it can also keep your business safe by keeping all of the security measures up and running.  As you can see from the list below, security measures and keeping them up and running isn't just important for hospitality and tourism businesses, but for ALL businesses. 


Some of the hospitality aspects that a backup system can help with includes:

Hotels: Heating, Elevators, Phone Lines, Security Cameras, and Lights

Resorts: Restaurants, Pool Filtration Pumps, Trams

Amusement Parks:  Keeps Rides Going, Food and Prep Stations Stay Open, Restrooms, Payment Services and more

Casinos:  Keeps Slot Machines Running, Payment Processors, Security Cameras, and Communication Systems.


These places definitely don't want to lose power, especially considering they have to factor in food and drinks, which is why most of them use power backup systems.

Bakeries: Ovens and Packaging Equipment That Uses Electricity

Restaurants:  Fridges and Freezers, Stoves and Ovens, Lights, Cash Registers

Ice Cream Trucks:  Freezers and Payment Processors

Seafood Facilities:  Communications, Freezer Storage, Temperature Stability, Packaging Equipment

Retail Shops and Malls

Most all retail shops and malls will also have power backup systems.

Department Stores:  Lights, Security Cameras, Payment Processors

Car Dealerships:  Security Cameras and Alarms, Lights, Computers

Gas Stations:  Keeps Pumps Running, Payment Processors, Lights, Refrigeration Units, Security Cameras, Alarms

And these are just a handful of places that could utilize power backup systems.  You might have even experienced a power failure while in a store, but probably didn't know because they used power backup systems that were running in the background!

If you have one of the businesses above, or if you're in another industry entirely, it's a good idea to start looking at these systems -- before it's too late!  The power can fail at anytime.

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