Looking for a Reliable Battery Backup for Your San Jose Business?

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Few areas on the globe are as internationally renowned for their cadre of successful companies working within the tech industry than Silicon Valley. And owing to its size and outside influence in the South Bay, San Jose is the brightest jewel in the Silicon Valley crown.  The success of San Jose, indeed, the entire Bay Area, is conditional on maintaining a steady stream of electrical power to run offices, clinics, warehouses, airports, research and development firms, stores, coffee shops, and other companies that are the lifeblood of the California's economy. 

What is an Emergency Backup Power Supply?

Known in the industry as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), it is designed to switch on and take over the delivery of power to your business the moment that there's a disruption in the building’s municipal transmission lines. While we enjoy a mature and stable power grid here in northern California, any powerful storm, or seismic event, has the potential to hit our electrical supply. To be proactive, it's recommended that businesses inquire about what the state of affairs would be in the event of a local or area-wide power disruption. Installing emergency battery backup in order to be covered in the event of a local- or area-wide-power disruption is a proactive measure that could save a business thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Powerful arrays of industrial-sized batteries are at the heart of your emergency backup power supply, and they provide a measure of reliability and peace of mind that is invaluable should the power begin to flicker due to a power outage. More to the point, a reliable supply of electricity allows you to continue operations.  

Professionals in the Delivery of Emergency Power Solutions

Since 1986, Nite & Day Power has been providing uninterruptible power supply services to businesses, municipalities, and organizations that depend depend on reliable electrical service. Our team is standing by to assess, address, and provide the battery backup power San Jose communities need to operate in the event of an electrical disruption. 

We provide the battery backup power that San Jose needs. We can be found online at www.NiteandDayPower.com. Allow us to make sure that your backup power equipment is ready to switch on in the event of an area-wide power outage.

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