UPS Maintenance for Northern California

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Whether you purchase a fine automobile or the house of your dreams in the suburbs, unless you look after your investment through regular upkeep and maintenance, you risk suffering extreme system failure when it can least be afforded.  The same is true if you maintain an emergency power backup system for your business or building.  To get the most out of your equipment, and to rest easy knowing that in the event of a power outage your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) will perform as expected, you need to arrange for a comprehensive UPS maintenance program to fine-tune your machinery.   

Benefits of a UPS Maintenance Schedule

All machinery gets tired, breaks down, and malfunctions from time to time.  That’s why you need to keep trained eyes on your UPS system to ensure that before any of those things happens that you are proactive in up-keeping the system with regular UPS maintenance.

Towards that end, here at Nite & Day Power, we offer a comprehensive maintenance package including:
    •    Regular testing of your UPS equipment
    •    Inspect and clean air filters
    •    Visually check for leakage and contamination of batteries
    •    Provide complete operational test of system
    •    Ensure all electrical connections are tight and not generating heat

We offer a myriad of services and products designed to keep your business or building powered up within moments of an electrical outage.  From conducting a power analysis to installing your equipment to seeing to its ongoing maintenance, we are your partner in dependable power delivery.

Professionals in the Delivery of Emergency Power Solutions

Here at Nite & Day Power, we have been providing uninterruptible power to businesses, municipalities, and organizations, which depend on reliable electrical service, since 1986.  In the event of an electrical outage, we provide an uninterruptible power supply, which switches on within moments of a disruption in the building’s municipal transmission lines.

Our expert team or trained technicians are standing by to assess, address, and provide the UPS maintenance that Bay area communities need to operate in the event of an electrical disruption.  That degree of confidence only comes with the services that Nite & Day Power provides, and we can be found online at  Let us make sure that your backup power equipment is ready to switch on in the event of an area-wide power outage.

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