Power Analysis for San Jose Commercial Buildings

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Each time you deploy new equipment in your commercial building, it creates the potential for issues with your electrical power systems. The older your property, the bigger the risk of a serious problem.

Many Bay Area companies work in aging structures that have not seen a major refit in years. Landlords aren’t usually obligated to upgrade power systems over time. Even on your own property, it can be hard to find time for intensive work on building systems.

The greater your power needs, the more vital it is to perform power analysis for commercial buildings.

Commercial Power Analysis Provides Peace of Mind for Your Growing Business

Overloading your commercial power system can cause a variety of dilemmas:

  • Intermittent outages and shorts that may damage computers and other sensitive equipment
  • Higher electricity bills due to inefficient power distribution, especially during peak usage times
  • Elevated risk of electrical fires that can strike without warning at any time of the day or night

Unfortunately, there are no telltale signs that warn you of impending danger in the electrical system. In most cases, things are working with no unusual symptoms until emergency strikes. A commercial power analysis ensures your facility can fully meet your needs now and in the future.

Getting a Commercial Power Analysis in the Bay Area

When performed by an expert, commercial power analysis is a fast, safe, and data-driven process that minimizes operational disruption. Nite & Day Power works around your schedule to ensure that, when power needs to be interrupted, delays are brief and trouble-free.

During commercial power analysis, our electricians:

  • Ensure grounding of your emergency power equipment, including building and neutral grounds
  • Confirm all critical equipment utilizes the proper wire gauge for effective power transmission
  • Review the electrical wiring and phasing of the input power

We determine the minimum, typical, and maximum loads your power system will experience, verifying the suitability of your critical power systems or advising you on updated systems. Our goal is nothing less than complete protection from power failures, helping you bounce back from any fault condition.

During power analysis, we can also use non-invasive diagnostics to identify “hot spots” throughout the wiring system. Thermal cameras identify areas where failing or corroded wires are found. Should you decide on replacement, entry into the wall can be done in a precise and controlled manner.

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