UPS Electrical Services in the Bay Area

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Your uninterruptible power supply is an important part of your electrical infrastructure. Getting the UPS electrical features you need depends on choosing the right UPS architecture. UPS electrical devices vary in several ways, not just in size and overall battery capacity.

Because there are so many options to choose from, it’s often helpful to get information directly from a team of UPS electrical experts. Let’s take a closer look at some of the major variations and which might be right for you:

Standby UPS

A standby UPS is the most basic type. Versions of this UPS are used in both commercial and consumer settings. During a blackout, voltage sag, or another utility failure, the standby UPS switches to DC battery power – then converts that power to AC to run attached equipment.

Standby UPS is the most common and the least expensive. However, it is also the most limited in terms of its capacity and features. It is appropriate for POS systems, security systems, and entry-level computers, but won’t be sufficient for your critical equipment.

Line Interactive UPS

A line interactive UPS utilizes special line conditioning technology to reduce wear and tear on sensitive electronic equipment. By intervening instantly whenever voltage sags or surges are detected, it may not require a shift to battery power in situations where other UPS systems would.

A line interactive UPS is suitable for valuable equipment pieces that might experience shortened service life if subjected to poor voltage conditions. For your most essential and expensive equipment, however, consider the most advanced UPS technology available.

Double-Conversion UPS

The double-conversion UPS extends the line conditioning capabilities of the line interactive UPS to provide near-perfect results no matter the quality of incoming power. It stabilizes sags and surges, converting AC power to DC and then back to AC to support 100% uptime.

These systems use isolated DC power exclusively and have a transfer time of zero as a result. They are designed for mission-critical IT equipment and servers, data centers, and the most advanced network and telecom equipment. They can also be used in hospitals and other critical care settings.

Even within these three categories, there are other differences in the UPS electrical quality and delivery. Night & Day Power will help you select the right system and then install it all for you.

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