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A Bay Area business that’s known for great customer service is just more stable than the rest.

If your customers know you’re behind them all the way, they’ll give you the benefit of the doubt when a problem arises. While everyone wants to get things done perfectly the first time, how you handle an issue can be a mark of professionalism – and it’s something people remember.

From San Francisco to San Jose and beyond, the brands that stand out are those that support customers in unexpected ways. One of the best methods of doing that is purchasing a UPS backup battery system for your company.

With a UPS Backup Battery, You Are Ready for Just About Anything

It’s no surprise to Bay Area business owners that the summer of 2022 has brought us another set of record-high temperatures. While there haven’t been any major blackouts yet, we all know it could happen any time. The greatest risk is during the peak of the heat between noon and three.

All over the Bay Area, families and businesses alike will be turning up the air conditioner.

But can you be sure you won’t be left sitting in the dark?

A UPS backup battery system is the answer. UPS power connects to your building systems or critical equipment so they can switch seamlessly to battery power the instant electricity from the utility is interrupted. No one visiting your premises will ever be the wiser.

With a UPS power system, you could find that you’re the only place in town that can keep the lights on and the doors open. A gust of wind, wildfire, landslide, or even just an errant squirrel or bird can bring down power for thousands of people at a time – but not when you have battery backup power.

A commercial backup power system actually consists of more than one UPS backup battery. These are usually arranged in strands so that large numbers of smaller batteries work together. This makes the system more durable, so you’ll get reliable service when you want it most.

Find the Best UPS Backup Battery for You

Your UPS backup power system needs to be sized to meet your demands – whether you want to operate for a few hours in a crisis -- or ride out a longer storm with lights and air conditioning intact. Contact Nite & Day Power to go forward with confidence.

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